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  1. That clip was still 99% better than the majority of the “Selects” we got.
  2. Hence why it was (rumored) to be the first single and why it was going to be played live.
  3. To be fair, TIL is cringeworthy to me personally but it’s just my opinion.
  4. They are great instrumental albums. I put Bucket in the same group as Satriani and Steve Vai but you can’t compare him to Slash. That’s like comparing Joe Perry to Yngwie Malmsteen.
  5. Because in my opinion, Slash is superior to every other guitarist Axl has worked with combined.
  6. TIL would have been an entirely different and in my opinion much better song if recorded with an older lineup. It is one of the more cringeworthy songs for me in the Guns catalog, especially the guitar work.
  7. Imagine if Slash was the original player on CD and then Ashba was hired to replace him and played the tunes the way he did. Would you still call it butchering? I think we just have our ears trained to the way a song “should sound” because it was recorded that way on the album. Slash returning showed that the last 7 guitarists (minus Fortus) Axl recorded with and toured with all lacked one thing. Soul.
  8. But honestly, a reunion did take place, which was Azoff’s long term goal.
  9. It’s beyond crazy that this guy was THE manger for Guns and Axl for all those years. Imagine if this band actually proper, long term management like The Stones or Aerosmith?
  10. First shot was ok. Second had me down for about 24hrs. Not “sick” but a mental fog. Also, I’d advise against taking any types of anti-inflammatory drugs before and after the shot. They will suppress your immune response. Let your body go through the process and fight through it on its own. It will be stronger afterwards. and no, I’m not a Dr. but my fiancé is and she’s one of the many who have worked on producing these vaccines. Stay safe, everyone. And get the shot not for GnR, but for yourself and your loved ones.
  11. The leaks did not “force Axl’s hand.” Nor did they in 2006. Hard Skool was one of the songs that Slash REALLY liked since it had an old Guns vibe and was a straight up, in your face rocker as soon as the intro was dropped.
  12. I mean, zooming in on Dizzy playing piano for about 5 plus minutes was clearly a highlight.
  13. Wichita Lineman and then slam right into This I Love followed by the 40 minute epic Knocking on Heaven’s door.
  14. Because a Guns record being released with original material from Slash and Axl for the first time in nearly 30 years will overshadow any AC/DC album. Axl is loyal to Angus and the AC/DC brand and would never do that especially since this album is a tribute to Angus’ brother.
  15. Lol I’m desperate too. I’m in the same boat as everyone else. At the end of the day, we are all fans. And to answer your question, no, nothing new, only that the album has been finished. I’ll state it again I’m not an “insider” or claiming to be one. I just pass along certain things I hear that’s all. And to those who will say “but the band members keep saying they are still putting ideas together for a new album so it can’t be finished” how many times did Slash deny the reunion was happening? Even to some of his closest friends..... COVID fucked up everything. Also, if the
  16. The album was ready to go before the world got shut down. It would very surprising to me if they actually released it during a time when they can’t tour behind it although my guess is that AC/DC doing the same thing Is what pushed Axl to consider the option.
  17. If I remember correctly they were doing dead horse almost as a warm up before they went into NR.
  18. All I want to see is the full length actual November Rain pro shot they performed exclusively for the for the making of the video. It exists.
  19. He gets up around seven. Gets out of bed around nine. And for the rest of the day he doesn’t worry about nothing because worrying is a waste of his fucking time. Moving along....
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