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  1. He’s not the brightest for wearing cowboy boots on stage, which have literally zero tread on the soles and are perfectly smooth. Might as well strap sticks of butter to his feet before each performance. Remake from Mike Amiri
  2. Call management. I’m sure they could answer your question.
  3. Since this thread has turned into one for nonsensical reporting… And in today’s news, the sun came up on one side of the world and went down on the other. Also, rain is wet and everyone poops.
  4. What a shame that they have some amazing footage and all we ever get are selects put together by Fernando and Axl’s pet kangaroo.
  5. Sitting here and waiting for guns to do things like a “normal band“ was like waiting for Donald Trump to pivot and act more “presidential“ Never. Going. To. Happen.
  6. Fans, We’ll be F’n back in the F’n New Year with an F’n new setlist and F’n Axl will be less F’n bloated and cracking even more F’n jokes. SinF’ncerely, GnF’nR PS. F’n!
  7. Totally did. And now the kids singing background vocals has been stuck in my head.
  8. Gives Axl more time to perform and submit a listenable live version of Crazy and Don’t Cry……
  9. He most certainly can. But it’s saved for studio. No way he could sustain that in a live setting anymore for 3 hours. I think people tend to forget that Guns in their prime didn’t have the same long set lists they have right now.
  10. Yes, multiple tracks. I say multiple meaning more than at least 5 that were mentioned to me (no I don’t know names and I wouldn’t say if I did). There are 100% new songs finished and waiting to be released. The album/EP was ready to go before COVID. Regarding the songs heard, his overall consensus was “meh” and after hearing what they did with Absurd and this most recent one, I totally understand where he’s coming from. I’ll never be able to get the “yeah, but do you really?” line he used on me when I said I wanted to hear new music. No way in hell anything is going to come close to what was released 30 years ago. I’m starting to believe it will be 99% leftovers with the majority of the parts overworked by Slash and Duff but I’m hoping for something completely new with this lineup. I was originally told there were a few all new tracks, mostly Slash ideas, that were recorded but that remains to be seen. This band never ceases to amaze me. I am still confident, as is my buddy that we will see a full release via EP or a full album (or both) by years end. Everyone is getting along and that’s pretty obvious so let’s see what happens. Sorry to anyone if I’m repeating myself from previous posts.
  11. I don’t know why but this sentence literally made me lol and I can’t stop.
  12. Not at all what I was expecting. It’s average at best, and this is coming from me. The mix is awful. The drums are pretty bad. I was aware of the new intro and that’s about the only thing that saves this. Like my buddy said to me a few months back (he’s heard the majority of the new tracks) after I said that I wanted to hear new Guns music, and his exact reply was “Yeah but do you really?” Now I know what he meant. Hoping we get to hear some actual, all new material that was written and recorded by this lineup.
  13. I personally feel it’s going to be an EP and not a full album. No sources, just my gut with the way everything been going.
  14. Hey guys I just wanted to put this in here. For all of the heat that’s being thrown Axl’s way, he is sincerely trying his best. It’s been completely evident since the start of the tour. I feel more so on this tour since 2016 when the reunion happened. He’s never going to sound like he did in the past. If anything, we will probably get some glimpses of that old sound in recordings. But in a live setting? It’s just not possible for him to pull off every single note the way it was recorded on the albums. He has done so much with his voice and was so versatile in all of his recordings. That is his gift. He tried so many different things and so many different styles that it is physically impossible to sing exactly the way the songs have been recorded. We should be happy that he’s still out there giving it his all. He’s happy, he’s healthy. Let’s acknowledge that. On an unrelated note, I am personally not doing well. However, it brings me happiness to still be able to see my favorite band of all time in a live setting and via YouTube recordings. Axl and Slash are together. Imagine that? Something NOBODY thought would ever happen. Let’s all take a step back and look at the big picture and enjoy what we, as fans, currently have because it’s not going to last forever.
  15. I posted these videos a few days back in a different thread. Ken is actually a good dude with incredible range. The “weird thing he does with his tongue” is actually a technique to open up the throat wider in order to get better range. Singers are taught to sing with their tongues pushed as far forward as possible. Axl himself does this, his tongue just doesn’t roll like Ken’s.
  16. “And on the drums, the wickedly talented.....Fredo Flaziem.” I was there for that!!!!
  17. Would have been so much better without the “We’re Fn Back” text at the top.
  18. He should have John Travolta try and introduce him from now on.....
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