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  1. I'm not on that "hyperbole" team, but Paradise City and Nightrain from last show kicked some serious amount of ass.
  2. Did someone caught what Axl said after coma?
  3. The guy is a legend indeed. I’m a singer too and dream of taking one of his courses. I’m not too sure he was 100% on tour with Guns N Roses but I remember seeing photos of him watching the concerts and with Axl in 2016 and the captions would refer Axl as his “lifetime student”. edit: found the pictures
  4. Lack of vocal coach, in 2016 he was on both tours teamed up with Ron Anderson.
  5. Perfect post! Just my two cents: IMO this is the main ‘lesson’ here for Axl, not that he’d care lol, but This is the price one artist should pay once he stops caring about making actual music/art and just pulls some 20 year demo out of the vault just because it leaked and had some positive feedback. This whole situation makes me kind of sad. I mean, of course I enjoyed the whole hype train around here and been listening to the song on my way to work and whatnot, as I would enjoy anything new from my favorite band at this point. But what I do feel sorry for is the whole freaking wasted potential that this band has become. I actually think he did ok on the performance here, as far as his current capacities go, but I wont ever judge those making fun of Axl for don’t being able to perform his “brand new single“ because it’s just plain product of his lack of interest in his own craft.
  6. The problem with HardSchool is really the middle range that Axl had in the early 2000's, in that period he would went really smooth from chest voice to head voice. Nowadays there's such a big gap between the two voices and his 'chest voice' has diminished considerably, you can check the Mexico 2020 soundcheck when Axl tried to go for it and his voice broke big time. For him it will be definitely one of the toughest themes on the catalogue. The screaming chorus might be the easiest part, I mean, he goes fine with Shadow of Love and that's basically the same range, the problem is the verse melody.
  7. My bet is that everything is 100% digital, even the drums sounds emulated to me, much like SOYL. And overall, the vocals are just cust and paste, reharmonized in pro tools to generate different pitches. The impression I get is that they gave all the locker content to the producer and Axl never steped in the studio, not even to record some whispers like he did on SOYL. Which in some way is good news, seems like he's delegated the decisions regarding new music to Slash, Duff and Caram. Great song indeed, a bit overproduced but it has the appeal of a single from nowadays rock standards, now let's see if uncle Axl can deliver on par with his vocals from 25 years ago.
  8. Are u guys still able to listen? I downloaded a vpn browser and was able to listen for a few times, now it displays that the video is unavailable
  9. 100%. Other thing I noticed, he has slimmed down considerably! Seems like he's really putting into work this run.
  10. I just hope all this fuzz don't end up being just a Hard School single on vinyl and then that's it. I want a full album or an EP at least!
  11. Man, that's a damn good soundboard mix!!! Lacking some guitar tho, but I almost bought the idea of a Madagascar 2.0 (which would be the saddest news regarding new music)
  12. How cool is that? I do hope Duff plays it at some point, i don’t know if it has the best gear, but at least the pickups are good and the woodwork seems pretty neat too.
  13. I love Blind Melon! Really interesting band. Wish we could have more Axl/Shanon colabs 😔
  14. A GNR litho based on my favorite movie/book, I just NEED to have it on my home studio
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