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  1. I think the mickey thing is mostly because he's just to lazy to do some vocal coach season with Ron Anderson like he did in 2016. If he did that every leg of every tour, we'd never have a single thing to complain about his vocals. I'm part-time singer (nothing too professional or anything) and the GNR material is just too challenging to face (let alone a tour of 3h concerts) without a vocal coach. Our redhead still has the range and everything but considering the current state of his vocal chords, he has to develop some kind of a muscular memory to sing consistently well for a period, pr
  2. I do! But the fact that it's a raw recording (i mean the instruments were recorded all together), doesn't do it justice. They should've done it track by track with Clink on the AFD sessions and released as a single b-side maybe.
  3. At least 10 times better than SOYL. It's a pitty they never recorded the song properly on studio.
  4. Agreed. The reason I grew up loving GNR was Axl's rasp and Slash's solos. But as time went by and I've come to dig other artists, this '93 100% raspy voice started to seem a bit boring for my ears and actually like poor technique, as if he was really hurting himself. In 91-92 his voice was also very raspy but had more spice in it, very interesting to hear and with great performances. I went see him live in 2010 and felt the same way (amazing show tho). But for me he's found his best mix during the 2006 run, and for a little while in 2016.
  5. That would be my dream. I always tinkered through the tones of my edrums to match Appetite's drum sound, but never got close enough. It has a nasty reverb that sounds the same though.
  6. Do you guys think it might be a bit frustrating for a guitar hero like Slash, having to learn a song from other era to play in his own band? And even so, a 4 chord song? I mean, I really like the song, it's a good rocker and stuff, but it can be a tricky situation. The band is reunited and the first song that comes to mind in terms of releasing something is an old Chinese leak. Axl wants to revisit the chinese era rather than do something fresh. Never thought about it that way, since I was really pumped when the rehearsal video came up. I wonder what that was about...
  7. 2021 and we are debating version of a 'beaten to death' tune released in 1991. It really says a lot about this band we follow.
  8. Just my 2 cents: I love the album, but imagine if they had re-recorded the LLAS half in 88/89 with Clink... I think Reckless Life is such a great rocker but suffers from it's poor recording, same goes for the Mama Kin cover.
  9. Man, a remix of UYI without the awful drum tone and hall reverb / bass chorus / weird ambience / weird Axl's voice effects would make my 2021. The whole production made the record age so poorly in comparison to TSI. Note: I'm not bashing UYI, it's just that the mix doesn't do the songs much justice.
  10. My view as a drummer myself: he's one of the best drummers GNR had. But the mostly he's a bad fit. He's seems to me more of a Soul/Pop/R&B kind of drummer. He makes terrible style choices on playing and drum tone, don't know if they're intentional, or just his bosses give him a lot of freedom on the matter. Never heard any of his previous works, though. In some songs he really shines, like Locomotive. But he seems to struggle playing some straight-forward rockers.
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