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  1. My main reason for putting 17 ahead of 21 is for a large chunk of the year (though the signs of wear and tear were definitely there in 17) is that Axl still was able to get quite a sharp classic sounding raspy sound. These days he struggles with that big time. He can still get it but its a much thinner/airy sound than it was even back in 17.
  2. I think to be honest you have to make peace with the fact that mickey is here to stay, and also make peace that any old school rasp really is going to be used sparingly from now on, otherwise within a few years it will be totally gone. As it is its hella unstable alot of the time, like he is just about able to still do it and turn it on. As for how he sounds, he is definately stronger than he was for alot of 2019 at least. Probably more consistent than 18 as well, which IMO peaked better (such as Shadow, etc) but had some real shocking moments that aren't as present nowdays (such as TIL). With that being said I just listened to the Jungle performance from London 17 that I was at, and yeah, he sounds far weaker these days compared to even then (which in itself wasn't overly impressive compared to 16). He is getting the notes still, but even the opening scream doesn't have quite the same sharpness it had back then. IMO weakest to best: 19 - 18 - 21 -17 - 16 (I'm not counting the couple of 20 shows lol!) @SAU3R - my guess is he is probably fitter than he has been for several years again (it shows) which is giving him better breath control and a slower tempo means he can get more out of his weaker middle range than recent years (where it really was either unstable scream rasp, a weak thin head voice or a shouty baritone sound) and thats making a big difference on some songs I think.
  3. Sounds like a good show! Axl atm kinda sounds like a thinner (vocally, and tbh, literally as well!) version of what he was like in 2017. Certainly much better than before.
  4. It reminds me of Freddie Mercury talking about the hot space album which didn't have many fans at the time and he basically said towards the end that people may not like it but they wanted to try some new sounds.
  5. Yeah I think most people weren't setting a high bar, we just wanted the possibility of new music and setlists that can't be written with near 100% right weeks before the show. With Absurd coming in from nearly stage left (who would have predicted it would be a single 2 weeks ago?) it also raises the real possibility of more music on top of Hard Skool coming down the line as well. In a way this leg of the tour now has the slight air of early 2006, in that there is a sense once again that you truly can't be sure there isn't going to be new music being played at the show or a real curve ball thrown into the mix. And its bloody great, even with Axl very limited in terms of what he can realistically do.
  6. Just like Axl's voice here, this clip is about to get the Thanos Snap.... Utterly pathetic voice here sadly.
  7. I mean Nightrain has been ok vocally to be fair, a little bit of a struggle at times you can tell but it doesn't sound that bad. However, I can't help but think how much better pretty much any 2016 version would be, heck even a 2017.
  8. If I could have a proshot from the earlier version of this band I'd love to see Nightrain and paradise city from Hellfest. It was odd as his voice was good for the 1st part of nightrain, but he came out like a demon for the 2nd half of that song and his mood totally shifted. He carried on with that demon voice in paradise city the whole way through. It was one of the only times he really out all out in that period between 11-14 and I feel like he couldn't give anymore if even wanted to.
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