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  1. Just like Axl's voice here, this clip is about to get the Thanos Snap.... Utterly pathetic voice here sadly.
  2. I mean Nightrain has been ok vocally to be fair, a little bit of a struggle at times you can tell but it doesn't sound that bad. However, I can't help but think how much better pretty much any 2016 version would be, heck even a 2017.
  3. If I could have a proshot from the earlier version of this band I'd love to see Nightrain and paradise city from Hellfest. It was odd as his voice was good for the 1st part of nightrain, but he came out like a demon for the 2nd half of that song and his mood totally shifted. He carried on with that demon voice in paradise city the whole way through. It was one of the only times he really out all out in that period between 11-14 and I feel like he couldn't give anymore if even wanted to.
  4. Problem is it brings even more of the song into his weak mid range where he struggles. Low stuff is easy, high stuff has deteriorated big time recently but on things like soyl he can still get it out. But songs like Scom, ycbm that require strong mid voice he just struggling with and has done for some time and he can't do it any way other than the weak higher pitched head voice that sounds like the Mickey voice we know. The reason AcDc sounded so good even compared to 2016 Guns shows was there was only a limited time he had to drop out of that stronger high pitched raspy head voice.
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