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  1. Just read her son Harry Brant has died. Overdose on pills.
  2. haha if you’ve spent the insane amount of money(and maybe you have) that I have over 30 years on this band maybe you’d get it. They haven’t shown respect for the fans EVER. It’s nothing new. The quality and integrity is long gone. The longer they hang around the more damage they do to their legacy as the greatest rock band in history. slash and duff are absolute money hungry whores. Just a cash grab. Yes so they can just “fuck off”
  3. New album or go the fuck away for good... it’s incredibly disrespectful to the fans illusions stuff isn’t accessible already.
  4. Cmon tool release an album once a decade...don’t act like Keenan is like Mike Patton.
  5. To me it’s about all new music to make the tour worth seeing. whether I like these or not they are musts: WTTJ/ISO/Brownstone/Paradise/Patience/KOHD/Live and let die/estranged/don’t cry/YCBM/CD/Better I want 4-5 deeper cut illusions and 5-6 new songs. IRS should be played every single show. been to 10+ guns shows but no more unless there is new music. So I’ve probably seen my last GNR show already lol
  6. Don’t go through TM app or website. Hit TM support through twitter dm. Only way to get a live person. App and website give automated response. go get em!
  7. Just said communication coming out later today and my refund request will be processed in 3-5 days
  8. Haha now they are asking for a screen shot like I’m lying!!! Everyone flood TM support with messages to fuck with them.
  9. They just responded basically telling me to go f myself...promoter not offering refunds
  10. No email sent to me today as promised...customer service, after starting to answer me, has stopped responding. At 5pm I’m contacting my credit card and demanding a refund from Live Nation/TM. They can not hold us by the balls. I hope they go bankrupt.
  11. All I will say is it’s not inconceivable to assume TM/Live Nation may file for bankruptcy in the next 6 months: I’ve read reports of what their monthly overhead is and there’s no way they can sustain it with virtually no shows. Get your refund. If they file for bankruptcy you get nothing back. You can always repurchase tickets when the world isn’t on fire.
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