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  1. No YOU are the one living in another reality. They are just hired guns like everyone else. Axl releases what he says. No other scenario.
  2. Because he is telling them they have to play HIS Guns N’ Roses. Re-record over a song so old and not their musicals style.You think for a half a second that would be the first single they would release if they had any say at all? Those cowards are only around for the cash grab anyway.
  3. The more I listen(which must have been 100 times by now)the more I like it. 1-love that it’s a power move by axl and a fuck you to slash and duff 2-don’t play it live it. doesn’t work 3-maybe it’s my ears but the first two times I hear the line “screaming fucking banshee” it sounds like it started a quarter of a second early. They need to fix that.
  4. To be fair this isn’t the kind of song that should have been debut live.(as absurd)It’s a studio song and hearing it live does it no justice as to what’s going on. After about 100 listens it’s as tolerable as rhiad or scraped. Filler for an album, not a first single and not going to sound good live.
  5. I’m not embarrassed to say I love the original rio version. After playing “absurd” I 100% don’t want to hear any new music from them. So glad I didn’t get tickets to Met life. They’ve sounded terrible overall from all the vids I’ve seen. It’s over folks.
  6. Get rid of this bunch of cash grabbing whores and go back to Nu era. There was at least some excitement and unknown with them. This current lineup is so predictable and unfortunately it’s the same unenthused performance each time overall. Same song and dance. I desperately miss Tommy and Robin.
  7. So glad I refunded my tickets for this upcoming tour and didn’t buy new ones after covid. Straight up Axl hasn’t sounded good in almost a decade, an embarrassing shell of himself and personally the band just isn’t gritty anymore. It’s over polished.
  8. I’ve got all 4 of those shows on dvd(and went to 3/4 shows)and they were some of the most electric performances from any bands shows that I’ve ever been to.(around 300 concerts) All the CD songs were insanely good. All the special guests were having fun.(Bach, Kid Rock, Izzy)Finck fucking OWNING the stage. Tommy having a GREAT time. Axl super interactive and seemed HAPPY. And now we’ve got the AARP lineup and tour
  9. Just read her son Harry Brant has died. Overdose on pills.
  10. haha if you’ve spent the insane amount of money(and maybe you have) that I have over 30 years on this band maybe you’d get it. They haven’t shown respect for the fans EVER. It’s nothing new. The quality and integrity is long gone. The longer they hang around the more damage they do to their legacy as the greatest rock band in history. slash and duff are absolute money hungry whores. Just a cash grab. Yes so they can just “fuck off”
  11. New album or go the fuck away for good... it’s incredibly disrespectful to the fans illusions stuff isn’t accessible already.
  12. Cmon tool release an album once a decade...don’t act like Keenan is like Mike Patton.
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