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  1. If so, how do you feel about that?

    In the AFD era GNR operated like Aerosmith or ACDC.

    Then for UYI Axl seemed to follow the Jagger Stones stadium tour model.

    For CD GNR worked like Zeppelin or NIN no videos, just touring.

    Now Reunion GNR has full social media presence, hella Merch, $2,500 VIP packages, $350 dollar tickets and a tour that kicks off in Vegas.

    To me it seems like the only way to do a GNR reunion. With something so big you can't be all coy about it. They were always a band of the people and this is their definitive statement.

    I think they are.

    That doesn't make me so proud of it.

    Will go to the show(s) anyway, but I really didn't expect from Axl.

  2. lol, I remember that back in 2001 people were trashing Axl to death and pretty much everyone agreed that Axl's voice was shot and he was too fat. Buckethead was a joke and a souless shredder. Finck couldn't play Slash's solos and looked like an alien. Nowadays that concert might be one of the best - if not the best - GnR concerts of all time to a lot of people.

    I am not pointing at anyone, but I remember that NO-FUCKING-BODY said that they were the definite new GnR lineup back then... they were a mess, a circus act.

    If that same picture had 2013 watermarked everyone would be laughing at it, lol. Ridiculous pic showing an out of form Axl in his worst vocal era.

    That's so true.... I remember that.... It's funny now many are praising that look/moment/concert...

  3. as for now...

    - Guns n Roses

    - Soundgarden

    - Nightwish

    - Metallica

    - The Cure

    - Bruce Springsteen

    - Black Sabbath

    - Wolfmother

    - Hope for Pearl Jam and Biffy Clyro

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