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  1. Does Jarmo still think we could get new music within weeks or months?
  2. Ghost announces new album coming before the end of 2020. All the hot ones are on fire right now with these news :0
  3. Page 274. AC/DC announces new album coming out November 13 2020 Axl, you still got time! Something, please....
  4. Yep. They don't get to tour it right away but it doesn't matter. The fans and the music matters. When the times is right, they will sell A LOT OF concert tickets.
  5. At least it's proven now that we got bigger changes getting the "end of the world" than new music
  6. I find it very positive that the casuals are now demanding something new. I hope one day they show those comments for the right person
  7. Well it's almost a year now since Fernando told us that legendary "six months"-story
  8. Soon to be heard: "It's not reasonable to release new music when AC/DC does the same. People don't have enough money buying two records at the same time these days" -Fernando
  9. Btw was there a rumor at some point that new AC/DC would feature an Axl-song also?
  10. I also believe the first one is ready to go. But Fernando/Axl thinks it's unrespectful for the MONEY to release it now. You know, Duff mentioned that peope can't go to the record store. Yet, they can go and buy or order reharsed vinyl-version of that shitty "Greatest Hits" mess. Mark my words. New AC/DC-album before the end of the year. What Guns N' Roses fans will get: 1.Answer to that lame "Guess what song"-update. This comes before christmas 2.One new "NITL-selects" 3.What would you want to see in "NITL-SELECTS" in spring 2021? -update 4.Christmas puzzle where Slash
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