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  1. Someone told GNR would have released new music at the end of 2020 but Axl wanted to respect Agnus and AC/DC with their new stuff coming
  2. Iron Maiden just released new single. Hardschool was supposed to drop tomorrow but they want to respect Bruce?
  3. I could swear I saw Sp1at posting something about everything being done but Axl being difficult with record company. And I mean over a year ago. Can't find that post anymore.
  4. JARMO BEING OPTIMISTIC PART 2000!! How will he defend them after this not happening at all? (also this) "It's kinda hard to keep a secret these days to be able to pull off a surprise release. But yeah, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Maybe a teaser clip announcing it and then the full release some days later? /jarmo"
  5. Hope someone records them via phone so Evader can make those tracks for us in 5 years!!
  6. Like us. Always "treasure hunting" and trying to find clues. But we never find anything. We never get anything.. Besides probably new 30s clip tonight and "HAPPY F'N 4TH OF JULY" this sunday.
  7. That thing Iron Maiden has done with secrectly promoting their new album is absolutely genius. Maybe we should start looking seriously GNR tour posters if they have hidden something there?
  8. Page 406 Iron Maiden heavily hinting new music july 15. I guess Axl doesn't want to steal their spot? Like he didn't with AC/DC
  9. Funny When you type "Guns N' Roses new album" @ Google (results from one week) it gives you answer Guns N' Roses -Nothing Lasts Forever (2021)
  10. In fact this thread started from Fernandos "Within six months" comment?
  11. Type in "Hardschool" on Spotify every friday. It might just be there one friday
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