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  1. I bet there will be a video statement about this summers cancellation with one old song playing in the background. Nothing More! Meantime Rammstein did the same yesterday but also hinted of new music coming out (They recorded whole new album during this pandemic)
  2. I am a really "noob" in that scene but he's supposed to be some kind of "insider"? Or then he's just a joke, like that whole forum seems to be
  3. I assume Brasky is full of shit but I could really believe this one is true Great News guys. GNR has not done shit in almost a whole year. No studio time , no rehearsals and fuck i don't think they been in the same room since the Mexican show. Rock and Roll Gunners Also Axl is remodeling his home ! Exciting times.
  4. Michael Jackson died and we also got lots of posthumous music from him back in the years
  5. How can you be bored when you get tour photos nearly every week from their social media? I mean, that's pretty hard work they're doing for you!
  6. Fernando, I have an idea for you! You probably got lots of material right now SO if you are afraid of releasing anything new without touring, release an double album! Give us the first part ASAP and the second part when touring is possible again? =)
  7. Axl is going to tell Scooby-Doo about the new album! Single out this friday.
  8. I suppose Megadeth will also release their new album as soon as there is info about "safe touring"
  9. Yeah, you never know. We can only hope all these vaccines will turn it (with all the mutations) into a normal "seasonal flu" just like these other coronaviruses.
  10. Europe also got more "optimistic" hopes for the summer today as vaccine developers can almost double their production by making collaboration with smaller supplyers who didn't manage to invent their vaccines in time =) edit: Also lots of good news from UK today. The vaccine they use for the most now seems to stop transmission by 67% and we are only talking about the first dose now...
  11. Dunno where these come from every year but while driving to work today, GNR was playing in one of the biggest finnish radio station. When the song ended, DJ said "New GNR music coming 2021. And I am really looking forward to it!"
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