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  1. Not any word @ their official website. Strange? Maybe there is more news to come?
  2. Unless they give any hints tonight, I will try to sleep normally till morning Last couple of thursday night i've been restless and checked Spotify time to time Look Axl what you have made us!!!
  3. PS. It would be wayyy too overhyped if they start a 3rd week of teasing one little 3min rocksong But as I said....:D
  4. I believe no one knew about Absurd. Not even the biggest ones with lots of "insiders". Usually bit smaller bands does this. Not Metallica, Gnr and so on...
  5. From my experience of music journalism, these links are given to us few days before the official release so we can make the article ready for upcoming friday with link ready to go! I would be really optimistic about this friday but you know - GNFR......
  6. https://loudwire.com/video-guns-n-roses-rehearsing-hard-school-slash-tiktok/
  7. I heard it will be UYI3 just because friday is the 30th anniversary
  8. I was thinking if there is something meaningful with this? Promotion perhaps? I would not use these forums as a source after all those previously mentioned fake press releases, Monstrocity etc etc stuff
  9. https://loudwire.com/guns-n-roses-rumored-release-new-song-hardskool/
  10. Because FERNANDO told her to lie for us that they could continue tease us forever
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