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  1. Axl is going to tell Scooby-Doo about the new album! Single out this friday.
  2. I suppose Megadeth will also release their new album as soon as there is info about "safe touring"
  3. Yeah, you never know. We can only hope all these vaccines will turn it (with all the mutations) into a normal "seasonal flu" just like these other coronaviruses.
  4. Europe also got more "optimistic" hopes for the summer today as vaccine developers can almost double their production by making collaboration with smaller supplyers who didn't manage to invent their vaccines in time =) edit: Also lots of good news from UK today. The vaccine they use for the most now seems to stop transmission by 67% and we are only talking about the first dose now...
  5. Dunno where these come from every year but while driving to work today, GNR was playing in one of the biggest finnish radio station. When the song ended, DJ said "New GNR music coming 2021. And I am really looking forward to it!"
  6. Oh, I remember how I told my wife that morning how excited I was cause GNR gonna debut new song tonite and listened to that clip over and over again
  7. About a year ago, almost exactly a year ago I was thrilled when I saw there was something new coming for their website (hints of a new design). Who remembers this? Good times...
  8. They could go to Israel this summer If vaccinated. I mean, 9 million people there and they have already vaccinated 15% of population in just over 10 days. This has started really slow here in Europe even jabs are widely available.
  9. Worked pretty well being an attention whore. I mean, I followed him @Instagram. 1 hour later I unfollowed so yeah, he got his 15mins of fame from me =)
  10. Finland begins vaccination most likely within a month. Officials now believe we are clear by spring/summer 2021. Same people who told us earlier that this will take couple of years and vaccination is likely to begin fall 2021 now gives us something positive, instead of frightening us every f'n day...
  11. I honestly believed we would hear one new GNR song before vaccines rolls out, and i'm not even sarcastic this time around. Russia also starts vaccination next week. Will USA announce something perhaps tomorrow? =)
  12. I didn't even read this forum before watching to get the attitude But man was that bad! Can't wait for 2021 now XD
  13. Hopefully people can go to the records stores next summer =) You probably know what it MIGHT mean! https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/25/we-should-be-back-to-normal-by-summer-2021-says-operation-warp-speed-advisor.html I like these positive speculations. They have been even occured also here in Europe, even when we are right now in a middle of hell. Just hope this would be already over. Too much stress and worry for your loved ones. Mostly the oldest ones who doesnt always give a fuck how to protect themselves Where I live, might be a small change for vaccination to begin in 3 weeks!
  14. Fernando commented "fake" in one of those posts that showed this document.
  15. Did that tell you if there will be an album before they come to Sweden? =)
  16. But sir, there is a full album of new music that fans want to hear! *Lights his cigarette* "Burn it, burn it all"
  17. Fernando is like Cigarette smoking man from The X-Files. Allways when we are certain we are about to see something, we are being screwd
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