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  1. That's sad, and bad coding from the FB/IG guys if you ask me.
  2. Don't know man, if you think about it 4tus is in the band since 2002, maybe he's the mastermind behind everything. That would explain a lot.
  3. Maybe i don't know how social media works, but then again maybe 4tus doesn't know either and he's gonna play HS tonite.
  4. someone asked 4tus to play Hardskool on IG and he said "OK".
  5. In no particular order: Monkey Island 2 Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis (INDY 4 in my eyes) Blood (most fun i had in FPSs, even on multiplayer in the 90's) Ultima 9 (unpopular opinion) Alone in the Dark 1 (Floppy Version) and Shadow of the comet (CD VERSION) Prince of Persia CIV 2 Wing Commander 2 and Privateer Space Quest 5 Another World (Out of this World) Gabriel Knight 1 Red Dead Redemption 2 The Witcher 3 Disco Elysium Rocksmith 2014 7 days to die H.E.R.O Food Fight Sonic 2 Out Run Diablo 1
  6. I hope they play Prom Violence or Inside Out tonight.
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