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  1. Much like every AC/DC album since the mid 80's, one or two very good songs amongst a lot of forgettable stuff. As someone said before the mixing of the album is pretty bad (vocals especially). Reminds me a bit of "Fly on the wall" in terms of the mix. Really heavily saturated guitars and the vocals lost in it. Of their releases over the past 25 years I'd probably put it just behind "Black Ice" (which was fantastic IMO). Miles better than whatever the last one was called.
  2. - Log onto mygnrforum after many weeks. - See this thread - Immedietly log back out again
  3. Thanks. Interesting that the likes of Dizzy who's been part of the band for 30 years, contributed to multiple albums is still a hired hand so to speak with no stake or share in the band.
  4. In fairness he doesn't really shit on Bumblefoot. He simply says that the dynamic that was there in rehearsal prior changed. That's natural in any band when you have different people come in out. I would love to know his (and everyone's) status in that band as of now. Are they all just contract for hire workers (excl. Axl) or is he a fully fledged member with an actual stake in the band. I'm not sure if this has even been disclosed publicly for Slash and Duff.
  5. Middletown 88. No bullshit. Tonne of aggression.
  6. It's just such a lazy move if it were to happen. Speaking for myself (not sure how others feel) I don't need to hear specially selected live tracks (if that is what would happen) of Jungle, Paradise city SCoM etc. They've been done to death and they are out there readily available in many different live and session formats (including with this current band). And as I said originally with the vocals being hit n miss it would make the exercise pretty lousy also. Thinking about it further something like a live album is also wasted resources that could otherwise go into something with origin
  7. No. For the main reason that Axl for the most part sounded pretty poor during the NITL tour. However it prob sounds about right for something the band would do.
  8. Shame you could never hear it live (post AFD tour anyway). He always seemed to be buried underneath everything else in terms of the overall mix. Interesting for the wide variety of guitar types he played in his GNR days that his tone remained consistent too whether he was using humbuckers, singlecoils, hollowbody etc.
  9. They've done the same thing for decades prior to the "reunion". It's totally possible they come back out selling the exact same thing all over again. Eventually crowds will get smaller though as what happened towards the end of the CD run, but anyone thinking things will be drastically different once things get going again will be disappointed. I mean even if they wanted to without new music how could they mix things up to keep it interesting? There's not much really, I mean they're playing essentially the songs people want to hear now generally speaking.
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