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  1. On 10/24/2021 at 4:00 AM, StrangerInThisTown said:

    Myles makes every song sound the same. As much as I like the guy it's just true. That's why all SMKC albums will always sound the same.

    I was trying to think of a way of describing how his voice makes me feel and you more or less hit the nail on the head for me👍 

  2. 24 minutes ago, LikeADog93 said:

    He doesn't take part in any of the rehearsals. To me that shows a huge lack of effort and it's evident in his recent performances. 

    Doesn't mean he doesn't prepare his voice adequately (warm up/cool down). With how he sings it's probably wise he doesn't rehearse/soundcheck with the band all the time anyway, else risk blowing his voice out.

    And from video footage we do see that he soundchecks/rehearses with them at least on some occasions.

    People just need to realize he's older and there with that the performances are going to blow hot and cold, plus he's always had a voice that took a period of time get better during the course of touring.

    From actual first hand accounts I think in recent years he does the best he can in managing it for the most part.


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  3. 6 minutes ago, LikeADog93 said:

    If he actually put in the effort to take care of his voice and stay in shape I think he could. But as we all know, that is a very tall order for Axl these days. 

    Out of curiosity where has it been stated definitively that he doesn't look after his voice in the run up to or during a tour?

    All the direct sources (i.e. Duff, members of the touring entourage) have stated that he puts huge effort into this. 

    Seems to me like the lack of effort or care is a bit of a myth.

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  4. Much like every AC/DC album since the mid 80's, one or two very good songs amongst a lot of forgettable stuff. 

    As someone said before the mixing of the album is pretty bad (vocals especially). Reminds me a bit of "Fly on the wall" in terms of the mix. Really heavily saturated guitars  and the vocals lost in it.

    Of their releases over the past 25 years  I'd probably put it just behind "Black Ice" (which was fantastic IMO). Miles better than whatever the last one was called.

  5. In fairness he doesn't really shit on Bumblefoot. He simply says that the dynamic that was there in rehearsal prior changed. That's natural in any band when you have different people come in out.  

    I would love to know his (and everyone's) status in that band as of now. Are they all just contract for hire workers (excl. Axl) or is he a fully fledged member with an actual stake in the band. I'm not sure if this has even been disclosed publicly for Slash and Duff.

  6. 41 minutes ago, DTJ80 said:

    2016-mid 2017 there are plenty of great performances. After that, if you want to represent the later legs then you would need to pick the staples - ISE, DTJ etc which are consistent throughout.

    It's just such a lazy move  if it were to happen. Speaking for myself (not sure how others feel) I don't need to hear specially selected live tracks (if that is what would happen) of Jungle, Paradise city SCoM etc. They've been done to death and they are out there readily available in many different live and session formats (including with this current band). And as I said originally with the vocals being hit n miss it would make the exercise pretty lousy also.

    Thinking about it further something like a live album is also wasted resources that could otherwise go into something with original music.


  7. Shame you could never hear it live (post AFD tour anyway). He always seemed to be buried underneath everything else in terms of the overall mix. Interesting for the wide variety of guitar types he played in his GNR days that his tone remained consistent too whether he was using humbuckers, singlecoils, hollowbody etc.

  8. 12 minutes ago, DTJ80 said:

    Exactly. There is no logic to playing stadiums with just a rejigged setlist and stage production....it’s why I think were really about to get something (EP or whatever) to have released alongside the dates. I know history says ‘no way’ but there is very little reasoning this time to do a stadium tour with no new product.

    They've done the same thing for decades prior to the  "reunion". It's totally possible they come back out selling the exact same thing all over again. Eventually crowds will get smaller though as what happened towards the end of the CD run, but anyone thinking things will be drastically different once things get going again will be disappointed. I mean even if they wanted to without new music how could they mix things up to keep it interesting? There's not much really, I mean they're playing essentially the songs people want to hear now generally speaking.

  9. On 5/4/2018 at 12:49 PM, scooby845 said:

    Guys, I have found similarities. That is 100% bits and pieces re-recorded by Slash in 2018.

    Take a look at the same technique/lick that Slash has been using since his style 'progressed' in his solo career. There's no way Slash played like that in 1986.

     Look for yourself. What do you think?


     And then this... It's REALLY similar.


    Don’t have the link but Slash’s gf already posted on social media that nothing was re-recorded. 

  10. 9 minutes ago, Naupis said:

    There is one person that doesn't want to create new music. He's been living off Appetite for 25 years now. I am surprised that people still have the heart to get outraged about it when this is just what he does.

    I’m surprised that people still cream themselves when something like this comes out. And those who are desperate to think that any of the band went into the studio to re-record tracks😂 sad fact is that Slash is chomping the bit to make music and has to release it with SMKC instead of getting into a studio with Guns.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Order of Nine said:

    Axl is going to do AC/DC first, it's only logical. A, slash has had plans for that album long ago and B, Angus isn't getting any younger and this is a huge opportunity for Axl that he knows he had to sieze. 

    Why are you stating this stuff as fact?  All you've to do is look at Axl's track record. The chances of him doing any recording of any kind that will be released are slim to none.

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