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  1. hi man, do you still have coachella's proshots of Jungle and November Rain?

    PM me.

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    2. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      can I have it? :D

      mega.nz? or wetransfer as you want it ^^

    3. NachoLZ


      okay, no problem!


    4. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      great! let me know. I just sent you an email.

  2. Metallica sure knows how to treat their fans. Holy Christmas.

  3. new banner needs Stinson. I would have added Pitman and DJ for the fun.

    1. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      fucking nice :) Stinson!

  4. same bat time, same batchannel

    1. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      Happy birthday Chinese. 7 years.

    2. downzy


      Time sure flies, doesn't feel like seven years ago. To put things in perspective, there was less time between Spaghetti Incident and Oh My God than there is between CD's release and now.

    3. gunsfanoldie


      Yeah, but not more time than Oh My God to Chinese. In 2017 if we have nothing we can beat the record for least officially released material in a single period.

  5. Don't go commando in leather pants. ever.

    1. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      and if perchance you do, don't sit down merrily? LOL

    2. classicrawker


      Nothing worse then bat wings

    3. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      If you keep it tight, you will be up all night

    1. downzy


      Why would people in Finland get refunds to a show that took place in South America? Dumb choice in picture.

    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Axl must erase Finland from the next tour then -- unless he wants to play there for free.

    3. magisme


      Axl owes me some money.

  6. I'm remastering Going Down in a proper way, so PM if you want it

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    2. GUNNER PT


      me me me me

    3. ManetsBR



      Thanks man.

    4. Tricia Sieberns

      Tricia Sieberns

      I would, please. misstrish1976@yahoo.com Thanks!

  7. Space Invader. Ace still has it.

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    2. WFA


      You completely invalidated your argument by saying Monster is awesome.

    3. gunsfanoldie


      I'm not just gonna blindly agree that Monster is awesome, but it is surprisingly good. I think I have more of a soft spot for Sonic Boom, but Cosmonaut is absolutely right that KISS fans say Monster is WAY better. Like, to many, this isn't even a contest. And if any hardcore KISS fan has taken the time to listen to those 2 records, I think you'll see that they are both pretty good. And seriously, I'm the last person that thought I'd be saying that.

    4. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      Actually, i like Fly On The Wall, Sink The Pink, playing with Girls... Decent stuff.

      Sonic Boom was fun, even saw the band in 2010. But Monster was a bit redundant, singles were great (still love all for the love of..) but no deep cuts (like all for the glory), all fillers. "The Devil Is meee", oh yeah great...

  8. Ghost BC, my new favorite band. Amazing!

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    2. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      yeah he produced their last EP. And played a show I believe.

      That's the beauty of Ghost, they can change or switch every member if they want.

      The whole concept is really, really smart and they're talented.

      They can be a huge dangerous/metal/mainstream band.

      Plus, they already have big plans for arenas/stadium shows, and songs/concepts...

    3. Amir


      They've already switched lead vocalist once.

      Saw them open for AiC in London back in November, good show.

    4. NachoLZ


      Saw them last year, they opened for Slayer who where opening for Maiden :lol: They where very atmosferic and good.

  9. Rumors: Beta was fired the day appetite for democracy debuted in movie theaters nationwide.

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    2. Estranged Reality

      Estranged Reality

      all i know is that she personally denied it when asked.

    3. UK SUBS

      UK SUBS

      We asked the question. She laughed it off and said it was complete bullshit. I have no idea what's happened but as usual, we will ask those questions that we feel the community want to know about.

    4. magisme


      This almost made me very happy. Don't get my hopes up.

  10. So, The General isn't even finished.

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    2. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      Someone in the current band.

    3. Amir


      By not finished, do you mean no vocals? Or just that it's not finished in Axl's eyes?

    4. Nulla Lex Ink.

      Nulla Lex Ink.

      Could be both. Honestly, is anything ever really finished to Axl?

  11. Bucket just released his 39th album, in ONE fucking year. This is insane.

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    2. magisme


      I don't understand how what he does is even possible. He is a treasure.

    3. SunnyDRE


      Most of the songs sound the same or its just one rthymnn for the entire song. He is talented, but I think he is overrated on this forum.

    4. John Bonham

      John Bonham

      Meanwhile, Ron just released his 39th whiney interview

  12. Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey

    1. Death Star

      Death Star

      Fifteen bucks little man, put that monkey in my hand................

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