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  1. Based on the latest debate, Trump's and Biden's rallies, Trump wins easily with more electoral votes than in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. But a lot can happen in two weeks. It's crazy to think that the election will happen in two weeks. Good luck for both parties and let's hope there's a clear winner on election night.
  2. The moderator did a great job far better than the last debate.
  3. Most sane Americans, no matter how liberal they might be, won't vote for this. Very odd from a 'devout catholic'.
  4. The media fix is in and it only gives many reasons for voters to lean towards Trump. Voters still remember how corrupt the media is and how unfair and dishonest Trump is getting treated vs. Biden's moderators. Stephanopoulos worked for Bill Clinton and donated plenty of money to the Clinton Foundation. Savannah is an obsessive haters, she looked like a psycho out of blood. Her shift in personality after the break was super cringe.
  5. Your poll is an echo chamber with 10K twitter votes. It has no credibility.
  6. Trump's power level was through the roof tonight, it was a flawless townhall. With his recent rallies he appeared renewed since recovering from covid. Mybe he knows something we don't. The moderator appeared angry, constantly interrupted him even when he was answering someone elses question but he handled her like a champ. There were issues with his mic but the fake news won't be able to put misleading headlines this time around. Trump looked like he won the crowd also, which were mostly women for some reason.
  7. Angus confirmed there will be more AC/DC albums in the future and he does not intend to end the band. AXL/DC anyone?
  8. Nothing on Hunter's emails? Twitter panicked massively and there is more to come.
  9. The MAGA party at its core is punk, being a generic liberal that toes the line isn't punk.
  10. 2016 was the year, they missed the mark. I genuinely don't care about a new single or album anymore, the magic is gone unless they get their mojo back like in 2016 or change the lineup.
  11. Ronnie James Dio did a great cover of this song.
  12. I'd rank Shot in the Dark behind Rock or Bust and maybe Play Ball. Mostly the production is a big issue for me. The guitars are struggling to breath somewhere, the production is too big and manufactured and it sounds a bit flat as a consequence. Rock or Bust had the same issue. I think they knocked it out of the park with Black Ice and the production was very clean and you can hear the guitars so clearly it sounds awesome up LOUD.
  13. Mike Pence was measured, polite, firm, truthful and on point. Harris was obnoxious the whole time, evaded answering questions, her answers on the SC were terrible.
  14. Man that tracklist is interesting but so weird at the same time. It's like 80s AC/DC. Released date on November 13. https://www.musicglue.com/ac-dc/
  15. That's his side the media refuses to show you. Most of the people you see on TV were friends with Trump before he became president, even Jeff Zucker (CNN/NBC) referred to him as "the boss" during the 2016 election and said he likes "Donald" in 2017.
  16. Trump just released a video, looks like he's doing great. Imagine hating this guy right now.
  17. Stop teasing me! Rarely said, but AC/DC's backing vocals are great and make the song sound huge.
  18. Silencing the president will surely restore peoples trust in the media, this is yet another sign that things are not going well for biden.
  19. All I know is Trump's bants will be amazing.
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