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  1. Pretty huge news, the John Durham investigation might have been going on for more than three years. With nobody knowing that.
  2. I can literally hear Axl singing it.
  3. From memory... Chile 2011, the Forum 2011 (there's a proshot), NY Hiro Ballroom 2012 (few proshots), House of Blues in LA 2012 (Dead Flowers, Mama Kin on the setlist), Vegas Residency 2012 early shows, Bethlehem 2014, Vegas Residency 2014 the last two shows (unbelievable great). The US 2011 tour and the Europe 2012 tour were fairly decent overall. 2013 wasn't particularly a great year.
  4. Graham and Grassley will vote yes. Collins and Romney will most likely vote yes. For them, a seat on the Supreme Court is worth losing the senate.
  5. Republicans might need Mike Pence for this one.
  6. If both Biden and Trump refuse to concede, which is very likely to happen, then a new supreme court seat might help turn the election in Trump's favor.
  7. Fantastic. The video shoot happened in February, this photo leaked at the time.
  8. From Sarah Huckabee's new book : November Rain was also played at the Michigan rally tonight.
  9. The video was released a long time ago.
  10. They keep repeating their mantra like brainless zealots.
  11. Never a day without reading the huffington post am I right? (comments section)
  12. Quite frankly, Hillary had tremendous momentum. She was destined to be the first woman president after the first black president. She was qualified and smart (not joking). There are many reasons why she was defeated but one of the biggest reasons is the way she tried to hide her bad and failing health, that put her in great jeopardy. People thought she was medically unfit, she didn't have the 'stamina'. Whereas Biden looks like he belongs in an old folks home, certainly not in the White House. The more he speaks publicly the more people realize he is medically but also mentally unfit. He is a
  13. Democrats are starting a propaganda campaign to make the military side with Trump less once the election is contested. They have been running war game scenarios where they need the military to oust Trump.
  14. What's the evidence? Don’t you guys choose truth over facts?
  15. and a russian spy in cahoots with the Kremlin!
  16. You'd be suprised how many people believe what the media tells them without a hint of skepticism. These are people who genuinely believe a black man invented the light bulb.
  17. Joe Biden, the gift that keeps on giving
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