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  1. I've heard $300 is coming from federal payments and the extra $100 is coming from the state. Democrat ran states are scrambling looking for money right now. If they refuse to hand over $100, it gives them a terrible look, all the while making Trump look good. Pelosi and cryin' Chuck Schumer wanted to include a voter ID ban, a national ballot harvesting, and bailouts for broke Democrat states. Makes you wonder!
  2. Companies only obey to the mighty dollar.
  3. Cancel culture has always existed. But now it's not MSM who is the primary influence for it, it's social media. However country-wide few people use social media platforms, so it creates a mob culture that decides what's right and wrong. Then MSM amplifies it. People on social media are becoming more and more sensitive, mostly about things that don't matter or impact their daily life. It's a very unhealthy mindset considering most of them are cattles under 25 and do not have a fully developed brain. That's how the brainwashing starts.
  4. Don't fall for the bait. Everybody knows he misspoke. The left thinks they're edgy with these forced memes but they are so bad and overplayed they make people realize that the left can't meme.
  5. BLM and Antifa burn Bibles and american flags at the Federal Courthouse in Portland. Pretty sad. These loons are so scared of the Durham report The best part for me, she's such a fraud Barr just straight up laughed at her.
  6. his phony accent still needs works though.
  7. If there are republicans involved in the Epstein case, they need to be prosecuted. At the moment there are many names of people who travelled to this island, including the Prince Andrew, Al Gore, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell and Matt Groenig (soon Alan Dershowitz and Stephen Hawking). I wonder what would have happened if Hillary Clinton was president (thanks god she lost badly). Big chance Epstein and Maxwell would have gotten away with it. Nxivm would have never been exposed. True. Trump always knew.
  8. Bill Clinton is in big trouble. https://nypost.com/2020/07/31/jeffrey-epstein-hosted-bill-clinton-on-private-island-court-docs/ Documents show FBI tried to tie Trump with the case but with no success.
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/14/style/ghislaine-maxwell-terramar-boats-jeffrey-epstein.html She's like a villain from a Bond movie.
  10. No way. There is no enthusiasm behind Joe Biden because he's not the candidate dems want to vote for. The enthusiasm gap is going to kill the dems in November.
  11. The product of British's education system. She's a leading London activist and local police advisory committee member.
  12. Enlightening. Now today could Obama say that ? Democratic party has been hijacked by far left!
  13. Black lives only matter in election years.
  14. Well I'm not defending the cop but clearly Floyd's death is the result of negligence and excessive force on a man that had bad health issues. But now should we listen to Black Lives Matter and disband all the police agencies and replace them with private police agencies? Should we destroy history and give trillions of dollars for slavery reparations and the death of George Floyd? Should we release all "political prisoners" from prisons? I wonder how many have become radicals.
  15. If Floyd wasn't resisting and fighting and on fentanyl the cop probably wouldn't have had to use more force. As far as I know the knee thing is an established technique used by cops. It's a sad story but it's widly blown out of proportion because people are misinformed like they are on Black Lives Matter.
  16. Nobody tried to murder George Floyd. He had bad heart issues because of cocaine, meth and fentanyl.
  17. How is that controversial? Cancel culture is cancer. I always liked Nirvana. Great band.
  18. said the man who earlier wanted an elected president to get killed.
  19. A must watch. That's why Tucker Carlson is the best news man on TV. It's fair and no one got a pass, it's the best monologue he's even given.
  20. suspicious autopsy, there's nothing independent about being paid by parties to reach a conclusion.
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