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  1. "Keep America Great" is still working I guess but the slogan will remain the same, "Make America Great Again", since it fits perfectly with the covid crisis. He said he built the greatest economy in the world and he's going to do it again. What about Joe's slogan? " No Malarkey" "Love Trump's Hate"? lol
  2. lmao the White house is essentially a mini military base. I bet Trump is loving every minute of it. This is 1968 all over again.
  3. And? Anonymous is Qanon-tier for the left. Did they expose anything other than a four years old hoax? All they do is distract and confuse the public, they ain't exposing shit.
  4. The band Mastodon did a song for the movie.
  5. Vienna stands out. I thought it was a great cover.
  6. Can't believe Chinese Democracy is twelve years old. Time flies. I don't expect them to release a new record any time soon since they will rely on selling physical records but Fernando lies by making it look like we could have had a record by now if it wasn't for the current pandemic. Bullshit.
  7. Research Norm Lubow "Al Taylor", he was a former Jerry Springer producer and the one who sent the video evidence to news outlets. He has a history of using fake names to make fake claims about celebs. https://classactionreview.com/why-no-one-is-talking-about-the-most-disturbing-trump-lawsuit-of-them-all/ About your last post, as I understand, designating entities as terrorists only applies to foreign organizations. So you're right. But Barr said the violence commited by Antifa and similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be will be treate
  8. everyone who take anonymous seriously is legit retarded (most of twitter users). old news and even snopes and vow (ultra-leftism garbage) say it's bullshit. https://www.snopes.com/news/2016/06/23/donald-trump-rape-lawsuit/ https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jul/07/donald-trump-sexual-assault-lawsuits-norm-lubow https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2016/11/3/13501364/trump-rape-13-year-old-lawsuit-katie-johnson-allegati
  9. Antifa will soon be designating a domestic terrorist organization.
  10. No rioters were throwing rocks at him prior to him running after them. See below. More than 23 million views already in a span of 12 hours.
  11. "Whatever problems Biden has ?" Like dementia or Alzheimers? Post like this undermines your credibility a lot. If Trump is unfit to be President as you keep claiming then Joe Biden is even less fit. But here are some facts : Trump restricted travel with China in late January, Biden called him "xenophobic fear-mongering" after. Trump invoked the DPA, Biden suggests he'll do that after Trump already did. From January 1st until February 25th, there were four democratic debates, in the first three debates, there was not one question about the virus and not one comment from
  12. Letter from President Trump to Senator Schumer.
  13. Biden should hang it up. I doubt the DNC are that stupid or maybe they want to lose the next election. Cuomo said he's not running for president. Maybe he'd rather run in 2024 after four more years of Trump.
  14. This woman is still salty four years after she was humiliated live on national TV.
  15. Off the top of my head Sweet Child O'Mine November Rain Rocket Queen Estranged Patience One In A Million You Could Be Mine There Was A Time This I Love Catcher In The Rye SM: Buckethead's Nightrain
  16. Pushing third world tactics to win an election is pretty bad. Ballot harvesting and no ID laws really? Also, weren't you claiming the entirety of the stock market gains from Trump's presidency has been erased because of the current pandemic? It's like everything is an opportunity to blame my boy!
  17. It's unbelievable to me that Pelosi is using the coronavirus bill to impose laws that have nothing to do with the virus, such as no voter ID law, forced diversity hires, green new deal type taxes, student loan forgiveness etc.
  18. Well maybe slowing the spread of the virus from the source instead of helping it spread, in order to protect the american people and those from abroad? Not sure if sarcasm. Likewise, only the utter deranged and syndromatic nevertrumpers could think Biden or Sanders would manage this crisis better than POTUS right now. The role of the president is not to create panic. Most medias are instilling panic, disinformation and shock. That's the hoax. It's not helping. Look at the recent polls, Trump's approval on handling COVID is rising.
  19. Both Biden and Sanders opposed the travel ban. Sanders during his Town Hall early this month (!) said he would not close the borders to stop the spread of coronavirus and that Trump’s policy was driven by xenophobic, anti-immigrant sentiment. Trump is a better leader to handle this situation than both of them.
  20. I disagree. Trump restricted travel with China and declared a national health emergency the day after the WHO declared a global health emergency (January 30). Joe Biden called the travel ban decision “hysterical xenophobia - and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science.” What Democrats did in January? They pushed an unnecessary impeachment trial while the virus spread.
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