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Status Updates posted by PITBOSS

  1. Anybody who's interested in upgrading to GA for the first show, I'm looking to trade my tickets for the closest seats I can find. PM me

  2. #helosthismindtoday...

  3. #GamesForDays

    1. goldentobacco


      These ''games'' are going to get Pitman fired. (I hope)

    2. Jackamo!


      "Games for Days" is the first single from Chinese Democracy 2: Electric Boogaloo

  4. can we get a mygnr podcast?

  5. Corey Taylor pack your bags if you're a man of your word.

    1. Słash


      I hope Fortus also keeps his word by not sharing the same stage as Slash.

    2. gunsguy


      He has an out if it is a hybrid GNR

  6. must resist TFA spoiler thread....

    1. Cosmo


      Be careful with facebook, youtube, 4chan, 9gag, reddit, tumblr, twitter. I'm telling you... Assholes everywhere. Screencaps, dude. Screencaps.

    2. goldentobacco


      They're everywhere. Watch it before it's too late!

  7. RIP Scott, fucking tragedy.....

  8. where's the twitter feed?

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    2. downzy


      It's down for the moment; there's a few bugs on the forum that need to be worked out.

    3. classicrawker


      Can't say I miss Matt's animal crusader or Del's horror movie tweets so take your time

    4. Billsfan


      It's in slashs ass that's where it is!! Fuckhead, go home!!

  9. petition to update the banner put bumble ,dj and tommy in b&w as past members

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    2. PITBOSS


      he made a statement basically saying he left it in vegas- no official letter like dj

    3. Cosmo


      Hell yeah... Axl, Dizzy, Pitman, Frank and Richard.



      Put Slash, Izzy, Duff, Axl and Steven. Nobody cares about the other guys.

  10. what kind of a sick bitch takes the ice cube trays out of the freezer?

  11. too much whammy, next......

  12. where's wasted?

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    2. Facekicker


      Gone on safari with Pappytron

    3. ZoSoRose
    4. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Probably spamshitposting another forum.

  13. where's gunns and soulmonster?

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    2. SoulMonster


      Just busy with other things. I actually posted a message here saying "I am outta here" back when I decided to leave, but for some malign reason that simple message was deleted by the mods/admins here. I guess this will be deleted too Apparently, informing my fellow mygnr members that I will be gone now is subversive...

    3. Lio


      Nice to see you back, SM :-)

    4. PITBOSS


      right on sm, thought you were outta here for good, glad to know you were just taking a break. still wondering what happened to gunns?

  14. movie "ted" is so dumb and so funny

  15. classic rock mag makes you register to read their articles? lame

  16. for a mere $5 donation you can get in the ring with the likes of damn smooth, magisme, wfa and others for an all out battle royale.

    1. WFA


      Bitches can't handle me, I'll fuck them up.

  17. thanks KOC for the south africa dates, again. other people in the world would like to see the show.

    1. WFA


      south africa is matt sorum's south america

    2. PITBOSS


      hope they open a seaworld over there so he can protest whilst doing his annual gigs

    3. WFA


      i offered to buy matt sorum one of those bricks with his name on them that they put at the front of sea world. he declined.

  18. some locomotive before work....

  19. nachos, lemonheads, my dad's boat.....

  20. slow times in gnr land (que the axl's moustache threads)

  21. is that the final result of the banner contest? or are we waiting for the final votes?

    1. AdriftatSea


      It ends at midnight tonight

  22. just got lost looking @ youtube videos of gnr. watch one then click on the suggested ones next thing you know an hour is gone

  23. last show of the residency, kinda disappointed i didn't go

    1. supercool


      that's funny because i'm very happy i didn't go

  24. mini reunion ends tonite, hopefully something cool happens

    1. bacardimayne


      hopefully they still dont play so fine

    2. PITBOSS


      I guess that's it. no exciting surprises.

    3. supercool


      we should look for another band if we're expecting "exciting surprises"

  25. gnr plays a diff set and forum crashes...

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    2. PITBOSS


      didn't look like that many users online, but it was funny

    3. ColdHeartBreaker


      You could be mine broke MYGNR

    4. ZoSoRose


      Hahaha, imagine if they opened with the new silkworms. The forum would explode

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