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  1. 1. Belgium - Sportpaleis - Antwerp 2010. Classic hair & clothes, the band sounded razor tight and Axl's voice was out of this world. Don't cry + vocals was making its way back into a pretty CD heavy setlist. Apart from PA issues early on, this was a brilliant show that still puts a smile on my face. 2. Belgium -Graspop Metal Meeting - 2006. First time I saw Gn'R live. A 2h wait in front of the stage, but a great vocal performance by Axl. Skinny cornrow & goatee Axl. 😁 Setlist had My Michelle which has become pretty rare. 3. Paris 2017 - Vocals sounded better than the other 2017 gig I attended. Arrived just in time for ISE. The after party at the hotel bar, with the owner being a fan, was the cherry on the cake. Typical NITL era setlist without surprises. 4. Belgium 2017 - TW Classic. My first NITL gig. My friends and I had quite a few beers. I focused more on partying and singing along then "analysing" the quality of the gig. Great fun. 5. Belgium 2018 - Graspop Metal Meeting. Again, great party atmosphere. Met some nice people and found a spot really close to the stage. Wasn't overly impressed by this gig as the setlist was about 95% the same as 2017. 6. Belgium 2012 - Graspop Metal Meeting. I was watching Hatebreed, while Axl decided an early start was due. Never "caught up" with the concert after joining. Vocals were disappointing compared to 2010. The addition of songs like Estranged was cool, however. I didn't bother to get close to the stage. The crowd liked the concert, though. 7. Belgium 2023 - Graspop Metal Meeting. Excellent set reintroducing PTU, Bad Obsession and so on. Sound engineering was terrible and Axl's vocals were off. Again very close to the stage, sipping on Belgian beers and meeting new people. Had more fun than in 2012, but the concert was the "weakest" one I attended, despite Axl being in a very good mood. Honourable mentions: - Belgium, Pukkelpop 2002: we missed the gig as it was sold out. Will never forgive my 19 yo self for that. - Belgium, Werchter 1993: my older brother went. He got me into GnR at 10yo, which was obviously too young to join him. - Axl/DC - 2016 - Werchter: technically not a Guns gig, but this would replace my number 3 in the ranking. Such a good time. Axl won over a lot of sceptics that night.
  2. The Axl/DC show was marvellous. I do remember being not that impressed by the GNR gig(s) right after in Belgium & France.
  3. Same. My VPN doesn't seem to do the trick. Any noticeable differences besides the strings being a bit more upfront?
  4. Musically, Sorry is a very solid track, lyrically .., well. But that's how I feel about quite a few CD era tracks, which is my right as a subjective pos. 😉
  5. Still have one in the car with tons of cool songs I "curated" almost two decades ago. Brings me back to the "good old days" instantly.
  6. Yeah, that BBF in one channel 'Silkworms" sounded horrid. (No dig to Ron, of course)
  7. Yet, if I recall correctly, the chairman's loot was second hand and stuff could have been held back, ... theoretically. 😆
  8. Never seen this. The GN'R Cluedo game is better than the musical payoff almost. 😱
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