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  1. That gives me hope with regards to a new version of Hard School.
  2. The title wasn't meant in a serious way of course, Scraped is kind of a dud. 😉
  3. https://youtu.be/olJhaLrLEqI 😂😜😎 Little fun topic: what would be your favorite vocal intro song? Since this is a GNR thread, I'd go with the Sail away/Bad Time SCOM intro.
  4. I would literally die laughing if heard the 'MacDaddy' lines popping up on my car radio. 😁
  5. That actually upped my hope for new songs. Gonna grab a Scotch and celebrate. 😎🥃
  6. If there is one artist who cares about his audience, it's Nick Cave. His 'Conversations with...' shows are the epitome of giving back to the fans and enjoying their interest and affiliation with the artist and the man behind the performer. I had tickets for the canceled show and we have a date less than a month after the announcement. Be like Nick.
  7. Or that they had 3 rehearsals in which Slash and Duff gave HS the 'Better' live treatment. 😁 Really hard to speculate on this one, I guess. I hope the rumors are true, however.
  8. The Instagram account Axlrose2000s should get you there. 😎
  9. On the good side: Pretty Tied Up sounded pretty damn okay! Slash fan page on FB for those interested in watching.
  10. I have heard the 14 sec clip. Any visuals floating around besides the Think About You clip?
  11. Yeah, Slither is definitely not a song for him. The come together improv thing with Bruce was cool at the time because Axl came out to play, but the performance was veeeery lackluster. Wembley KOHD however:👌
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