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  1. Anything that will piss off Axl and his parasitic attachments is a win.
  2. Indicative of the life of a GNR fan when this is all there is to excite.
  3. All things considered I think Axl has no interest in creating anything new.
  4. Perfect later age Axl if only she was still around :-(
  5. Black Hole Sun was a nice tribute but then they comically rolled it out for 2 years!!!
  6. Wasted any momentum and goodwill they had. I don't believe it will ever happen. And if touring ever resumes post covid I won't be wasting a cent supporting them for the same old show with a fat out of breath Axl.
  7. I remember being mad at JAmes taking the piss out of Axl in their video thing that came out in 92ish. In retrospect he was 100 per cent right. Axl is a grade A wanker and always has been.
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