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  1. no, he looked like a mental pervert - cornrows was obviously either a wig or implants, axl has looked and dressed like complete shit since he came out in 2001 for the nba finals, the only time where he looked pretty cool was the vegas 2001 NYE show, but that was it, he should've kept that look and kept in shape axl's best look was 1990-1991 farm aidi you could be mine video also his jewelry back then was good, can someone tell me the type of watch he had, it was red and big
  2. axl doesn't answer questions truthfully most of the time if they are off script or will be damaging to the business in his view so any of these questions would be severely spun with innuendos or a lack of anything with substance for instance the globo interview or the china exchange was littered with a ton of non answers or a CD oriented focus all he wants to talk about is CD and this won't change until he dies Axl how did you and Izzy write such and such song? I wrote it during CD sessions Axl how did Slash come up with the don't damn me solo? He didn't, I did during t
  3. this and melissa can assist back up or lead on SCOM/Paradise City Axl - can do NR, Don't Cry, Brownstone, Estranged, Think About you, Patience, PTU, Out to Get Me and Jungle Izzy - 14 Years, Dust N Bones, You ain't the First, Double Talking Jive Duff - So Fine, New Rose Alice Cooper (guest)/Axl - The Garden This is the most Axl/GNR friendly playlist your gonna see and it's how the loot should be distributed just get any decent drummer other than Frank please, Matt/Steven split duties fine - this is how it should go down bye dizzy, frank, robin, DJ and richard
  4. i think it either wont survive and slash/axl fall out early on maybe after 1st show or 2nd show
  5. this was axl's best night of the tour yesterdays was the most challenging one of them all and he pulled it off if anyone gets the jungle video this is 1988 axl
  6. i think it's evident that slash has figuratively and literally tuned out everyone and cashing in the check listen to an adler appearance or that foo fighter one then u can see some harmony other than that gnr are way worse then their hey day and thats not even just axl were talking about
  7. what an easy question fire all aliens reunite the UYI 91 lineup sans the Diz Mister
  8. so that explains all the weird improvised "new york hip hop" fills on songs like its so easy "normal version both groups don't like each other so they play "far" away from each other
  9. yes just like this band...jeepers sooo crazzy slash - follow my lead richard - nah whatever duff - frank, listen... frank - what?
  10. its a war of attrition with the hired hands defiantly playing how they want without listening to slash nor duff because fer boy has their backs and axl has alzheimers of how the songs should sound like
  11. axl told frank to play faster cause he wants to phone in his performances as much as possible he doesn't enjoy the songs anymore he tried to say it was duff and slashs idea in that brazil interview but thats a lie, he tells frank what to do and frank doesn't listen to anyone else
  12. yesterdays is one of my favorite tunes in general not just GNR wise the studio version is stupendous along with the Live Era version i was happy when i heard it in Mexico City as it was a relative surprise considering it was the first 'new' song from the NITL first warm up shows axl struggled somewhat as i would say its one of the most challenging and raspier songs of the catalogue, up there with perfect crime/dead horse i also think its one of the coolest videos they did out of all of them
  13. i was there they need to release estranged from that night - torrential storm happening and axl/slash in top form
  14. as much of a mess they sound like and albeit axl's best rasp is there, steven is the best musician of all of them in these clips lol
  15. they sound like an absolute mess compared to maybe a year later? back off bitch was the only song where it sounded good
  16. couldn't find shit if someone would like to chat regarding the band and this era feel free to DM me as to not litter this thread with too much nostalgia
  17. Guns took a gradual nosedive after Wembley 91 up until now
  18. i read it was quite good actually i think the Cult section was the best part of the book and it was a great group when you compare it to his tenure in GNR, specifically him already having hung out with axl izzy in NY prior he makes the illusion recordings seem like it was just an assembly line production set up the later parts are great to read cause u know he's telling the truth about all the Frank can't play stuff
  19. brainwashing a rock star with new age BS whom is already mentally fragile and "supporting" him while taking charge of his riches is not exactly a rags to riches story
  20. Axl has to give 80% of his earnings to the TB cult so he probably is quite a loss on how to free himself from them and nobody can get to him as far as an intervention is concerned, the rest of his earnings are given to him as a stipend for his basic needs which are neither positive or good For instance what if Izzy demanded one on one time with Axl? It couldn't happen.
  21. it's plausible that Duff Slash and Axl at this point are quite embarrassed by TB Axl would need to really shake things up if he wants to regain any certain level of integrity/popularity among the fans moving forward 1) fire TB 2) work on his voice 3) properly reunite the band
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