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  1. It's like shit or get off the pot now. Everbody's tired and bored by now.
  2. Imagine they come out with a fucking cover version of Layla or The Seeker as the first release by this line up.
  3. It's the saddest time ever in the history of the band for many hardcore fans. Who would have thought that 4 years ago?
  4. I love Richards guitar collection, really cool stuff. His stage moves came across to me as just that - it's not really natural, more poser-ish. He's dangerously close to DJ Assba in that regard. As a whole, they're just not that cool to watch anymore. Slash with his weird Chuck Berry hopping and all that. I don't know man, Joe Perry for example looks way cooler on stage now in comparison to the Guns guys. Oh well, it's just one more thing.
  5. Yeah, they really shouldn't rush things now. Grampa Bill's gonna bring you to your shananananana knees! knees!
  6. I believe Slash when he talks about Fortus, I think he really respects him as a very different and more technical player. What he really thinks about Frank is anybody's guess. Slash played with all the very best rock drummers and he's got a great drummer in his own band. Did he ever say anything about Melissa so far?
  7. I'm definitely on the way out. At this point, they would have to win me back, so to speak. That could still happen with great new music. If all they can do now is putting some lazy Slash solos on top of some mediocre Chinese leftovers, I'm probably done for good.
  8. I was never so bored with Guns N' Roses. The whole NuGnr era was pretty bad, but never this boring.
  9. Yeah, as much as I love Don't damn me, they really should not try that.
  10. Yeah, that's probably it. No album and in a couple of years they will say "We tried but it just wasn't happening because of this and that and blablabla." It's all about the money and probably has been since the reunion started.
  11. Would be more heroic if somebody else said that, but you're not wrong.
  12. Never understood how anybody could even think that we're gonna hear anybody but Slash and Fortus Longus on a new GnR album, if it's ever gonna happen. Imo, that's 100% not an option, because, Slash.
  13. Never heard anything about it. Would be interesting to know. Could it be you really managed to find a fresh topic?? Unreal!
  14. Slash said that? And then he delivers that senseless noodling? Wow.
  15. When you read about exciting and fucking cool ideas like this and then look at Gnr reality...no words.
  16. Yes, all these "GnR spin-offs" sound better than the actual band. The drumming is a big part of it. It's pretty much the most important thing with any band. If the rhythm section is not great it all kinda falls apart. The way GnR sounds with this line up is just not good enough for a band of this caliber, imo. Then you got Mickey Rose on top of that, no new material that shows the chemistry of the current line up (if it's somewhere in there) and yeah...this is what you get these days, as seen and heard in the selects.
  17. I won't buy anything GnR that doesn't have new, original music on it. I paid enough times for these old songs. A live album from the NITL tour...I would maybe listen to it once and that would be it.
  18. That's another factor - no new music will ever have the same effect as the old stuff for long time fans, simply because we're older and at a different point in life. With Metallica, stuff like Spit out the bone, All Nightmare long, Hardwired are every bit as good as the old songs. For newer fans, I'm sure they're just as good as the classics. For me, the above mentioned Metallica songs would go straight to a Best Of CD.
  19. Yes, maybe Robin could have become THE guitarist at that point. It just wasn't meant to be, I guess.
  20. I was still hoping they could become a real band again in 2016, but you're probably right. It's gonna be not much more than a lesser version of their former selves with the same old songs mainly. And Axl is no Tyler or Springsteen. He's no Vince Neil either, not yet. He's somewhere in the middle. And since they all don't seem to care too much we shouldn't either.
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