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  1. If they really come out without new original material and horrendous Axl performances...it will get really ugly.
  2. Another very annoying thing - these fucking snippets. It's so arrogant, do they think they're so great that everybody ENJOYS this??
  3. No particular order: Winter Games (C64) first game that came to mind for that era, played it with a couple of friends all the time. Also Way of the exploding fist, etc., etc. Resident Evil (every platform ever) my most played series. The REmake and the new versions of 2 and 3 are my faves. Metal Gear Solid (PS 1) The original was a masterpiece. Alien Isolation (PS4) one of the greatest gaming experiences I had. Love the franchise. The last of us (PS3) Next level storytelling, love it. Part II is heavy. Tricky Towers (PS4) THE best gam
  4. The minute they do something great, 99% of the people on here would post positive stuff. But they never do, for a long time now. It's as simple as that.
  5. Or because the record company rejected the Chinese stuff and he's very insecure. Axl is not a perfectionist at all.
  6. There simply isn't anything to be positive about for a good while now. It's all shit, everything! From the voice to the merch to the social media to the lack of music to the management to the lack of information to the interviews to the ticket prices to the gnair to the Izzy/Steven situation to the haircut to Slash's playing for the most part to the selects...I could do this all night.
  7. Yeah...one of the biggest dissapointments with the whole NITL thing. Slash clearly doesn't give a fuck about the song, the solo and Robin's work. I'm not a fan of the song at all but still...pretty sad.
  8. Once there was this rock 'n roll band blah blah bla
  9. It means fuck all and isn't any more promising than your typical Fernandont or Fartus "hints". It's nothing.
  10. Maybe the remastered albums will somehow sound worse than the originals? Axl gives us a couple of newly recorded special effects and Izzy's parts completly gone, lol
  11. Let's have some fun with it. I mean how shitty can they make the UYI box, if it's even coming at all? What would be the worst outcome possible?
  12. All 3 nights, are you mental? Maybe, just maybe, we'll get an alternate version of "The Plague" and we'll better be grateful!
  13. This. If they came to my town next year without at least playing new music from a forthcoming album and in this form, I wouldn't go for free.
  14. At one point, there will be to many missed opportunities and nobody will care anymore. I think that point is very, very close. Personally, I never cared less, and I'm in since AfD release.
  15. A likely scenario: Slash layed down guitar tracks for whatever material they have. Axl couldn't get out of his way, told Slash to do this and rerecord that again and again. At one point Slash put his foot down and said "Nope, that's it, that's my contribution. Do whatever with it, I'm gonna do SMKC now. See ya." Axl sits in his home studio and can't/ won't make a move with what he's got. Nothing happens.
  16. Nobody will care about the "good stuff" at that point. It's too late now anyway for a NITL release. And with every one of this shitty selects and fb and instagram videos less people would pay for a slightly better version of it.
  17. I don't even watch these videos anymore, it's too depressing.
  18. It's better than most of what ended up on the album, imo.
  19. Yes you are...there's an Iron Maiden track called "The Ides of March", for example.
  20. They sould out, in the worst possible way. It is what it is now. It's tragic.
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