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  1. With the newest information, I think it's pretty safe to say that this is exactly it. If they somehow manage to put out CD2 with Sluff tacked on they will be touring that for the next 10 years. Then someone dies or they just simply end it all, maybe with Izzy and Steven/ Matt.
  2. Sounds just like any other SMKC song. Myles is just do boring in every way.
  3. If HS and Absurd must take up space on the album (booo) it would be nice to get a better mix/editing for HS and a version of Absurd where the vocals are in the right timing, like the live version.
  4. Yes, it sounds more classic GnR than anything released since SFTD. I like Hard Skool alot, but since we know how it was put together, that's a bit of a turn off, imo.
  5. Without the dripping blood it would be kinda cool.
  6. Axl sounds bad every single time he's trying Black Hole Sun. It's just not a song for him, not at all.
  7. Metallica? Sebastian Bach? I guess some of you guys didn't read the first post?
  8. Lana del Rey, I'd like to hear that. A nice and dark piano piece, duett with Axl. Maybe with a Slash solo, if it makes sense musically.
  9. One of my favorite Spaghetti tunes. Nobody can do a convincing "Fuck you!" better than W. Axl Rose!
  10. I watched it once on yt and will never again. And I really like the song. This bare minimum approach gets them these numbers. Seems like they don't care anyway.
  11. Nah, it's just a very basic chord progression. There's thousands of rock/ punk rock songs that sound similar. It's conicidence.
  12. I don't think any more shows will happen, mainly because Slash is with SMKC now. I would love a digital release of a new album in November or December, but I just can't see that happening. If that was the plan they would have booked the pressing of the phyical copies a while ago. I just hope that we get a little more than just CD leftovers whenever they release something since I don't care at all for Atlas, State and Perhaps.
  13. Same here, the first one was better. The weird timing thing...I don't understand what happens there. Must be some kind of extreme latency with the in ear monitoring? Never happens to any other artist?
  14. I just tried to listen to the latest SMKC album again today. It's the definition of boring and bland Dad Rock, mainly because of whatever Myles is doing there. So it's GnR for me anytime, trainwreck Gnr is still so much more entertaining than SMKC.
  15. True. It would come across a bit desperate at this point even. But they should do a lot more for the fans, good interviews, some tv stuff, just let us in a bit more. It just feels like they can't do any of that because it's just not there.
  16. It starts to crumble a bit now maybe...they can't do anything really right, always bare minimum...that has got to have an effect sooner or later.
  17. I just saw it on yt and to be honest, it was pretty much what I imagined it would sound like. Thought it was ok, not great, not too bad. That's just how he sounds now on stage.
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