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  1. Seems like Axl is just too fucked up to just let it flow and make music, just let it happen with all these great musicians he had and has around him. It's tragic, really.
  2. This is cool, finally something GnR related that doesn't suck.
  3. It's just very hard to imagine a new album being anything but a disappointing patchwork where everything and everyone is thrown together without a vision.
  4. Is there really anybody left here or anywhere getting excited about a weak UTLH "select" with the usual shitty sound now?
  5. That would be the next logical step of disappointment if they ever release something at all. I can totally see it. Most songs will be shitty Chinese leftovers with ancient vocals and some lazy Slash solos. Two "punk" songs sung by Duff and 2 SMKC style hard rock standards from Slash. Followed by a neverending tour.
  6. They really shouldn't go that route, just write new material with this line up and/or dust off stuff from the 90s, whatever. Those chinese leftovers have a really bad stench now. But this means work, so...
  7. I don't know if "comfortable" would be the right word if that's happening.
  8. That's it, it is very obvious that they don't really care anymore, so why should we? Looking back, GnR should have ended with the UYI tour.
  9. Exactly my thoughts, I really still want them to do something cool, anything. But it's all shit! They just don't care at all, that's the only explanation. :/
  10. Does anybody really want more of these at best half assed "selects"? :/
  11. It's probably Slash improvised noodling for 4 minutes straight over some hard rock backing track.
  12. This HAS to be done!
  13. My guess: SMKC is what he's recorded for and where things are moving forward. For GnR, there's a couple of riffs and parts that have been presented to Axl and that's it. Nothing is worked on as a unit so far and nobody really knows or cares when or if Axl will make a move.
  14. Sounds like shit. Vocals are karaoke level bad, sound quality sucks as usual with the "selects" and what the fuck is Frank doing at the end? You can just hear they didn't really rehearse it as a band. It sucks and that's the truth.
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