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  1. True. It doesn't appear to be very effective as a deterrent to other potential murderers. Yet, obviously it is effective in eliminating the specific individual and making sure they will never hurt anybody ever again. I imagine that is the important point to some victims or their families. They can take a sigh of relief when the person who brought so much damage into their lives is gone.
  2. Depends on how you look at it. As some people see it, all life is sacred regardless of any good or bad deeds. From that point of view, there is no difference between murder and state sanctioned murder. As I see it, the world would be a better place without some of the most rotten individuals in it. Still not a big fan of the death penalty for various reasons.
  3. In light of several of the recent executions, it's easy to agree with this statement: “we have not executed the worst of the worst, but often instead put to death the unluckiest of the unlucky — the impoverished, the poorly represented, and the most broken.”
  4. I've never understood why some people are so adamant in denying the role that Stephanie and other women played in the history of this band.
  5. I'm relieved Joe Exotic didn't make the list of clemency actions. That one really would have pissed me off. Maybe Trump's not so bad after all.
  6. I'm not an expert on the case, but it seems like a massive miscarriage of justice.
  7. The story about Axl shooting a pig has been circulating for a very long time. When I first heard about it some 20 years ago, I was hopeful that it was bs, on par with the stories about him killing small dogs, but I've come to think it's probably a true story. It strikes me as unlikely that Depeche Mode would lie about something like this in a press release especially if it was an issue that they felt so strongly about. Doug Goldstein was asked about this in one of the podcasts. He didn't admit or deny it, but it appeared that he thought it was at least possible that it really happened. If
  8. I really appreciated Matt's gesture when he performed Patience on acoustic guitar and vocals and posted the video for us. A shame that there were no similar gestures from the GNR camp but I didn't really expect there to be. https://www.facebook.com/mattwsorum/videos/296001294715970/
  9. I just saw the book on Amazon. As far as I can tell it's nothing but the lyrics to the song coupled with some mediocre illustrations that apparently tell some kind of a story about a little girl and her dad(?) I didn't think anybody would like the book because any GNR fan would hate it whereas any non-GNR fan wouldn't have any interest in it. Yet on Amazon it has some glowing reviews (if those are for real). "If you love Guns n' Roses then you'll love the book." To me the idea of using this book to introduce a kid to your GNR fandom seems incredibly phony. This book has nothing to d
  10. I saw The Painted Bird recently. It was brutal in a manner that imo didn't feel entirely justified. There was a lot of animal cruelty as well which I didn't know to expect. The ending was good. Did you ever end up seeing it and what did you think of it?
  11. In that case it would be better if nothing at all existed. Some of the bad stuff on earth is so horrific that no amount of good stuff can make it worth it.
  12. The last time I cried to a GNR song was the first time I listened to CD (the album). I was moved by the songs and the whole experience of finally being able to hear them.
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