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  1. The Illusions are my favorite albums, so I guess my favorite studio lineup would have to be Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Matt. The lineup I'd most like to see live is the same but with Steven on drums.
  2. I can only see this on GNR's Twitter page, not on Instagram or Facebook. Weird that he didn't post it on his personal Twitter account.
  3. How is it ruining his career and livelihood that women are sharing their stories? It seems to me the majority of fans either don't care or choose not to believe the victims. Even if there are some who do believe the stories, I still don't see it having much of an impact on him. I'd say he's got off with very little consequences. He could have ended up in prison. Rape and underage stuff is exactly what he's been accused of among other things. You choose to believe it didn't happen and that the women are all liars, but you weren't there. And just because somebody says it's a lie doesn't mean that it actually is.
  4. If anybody knows how to watch this outside the UK, let me know. A couple of more articles: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/sep/13/look-away-review-horrifying-stories-of-abuse-at-the-hands-of-male-rock-stars https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/16125545/look-away-steven-tyler-sex-abuse-rock/
  5. I don't think it's out of character that Axl would do something like this. Didn't he play Chinese Democracy tracks in some random strip club long before the album was released? Then a stripper who worked there came to the boards to tell us about it. I still happen to remember that she referred to herself as "just another piece of meat" and described herself as "coloured".
  6. I couldn't make out everything he was saying, but he was laughing and smiling when he said the thing about Bin Laden. I didn't get the impression he was being critical of it at all.
  7. It's an unfortunate situation for someone like Michelle. I think she's probably telling the story as accurately as she remembers it (which doesn't mean it's 100% accurate), but after all these years I don't see much hope that she's ever going to gain any justice. Even just getting the story out there must be difficult with media outlets afraid of legal consequences or otherwise not interested. Axl himself would need to step out to confirm her story, but I don't think he's anywhere near mature enough for that to ever happen. I think the reason Sheila Kennedy has had a little bit better luck in getting her story out there is in part because she's a celebrity herself, which immediately opens more doors. Also, in the Daily Mail article/video, she's not explicitly accusing him of rape even if that's what the story amounts to. I don't know whether that was her own call, but I suspect it may have been the magazine or the publisher of her book that made the decision for fear of lawsuits.
  8. GNR used to take pride in the fact that they wrote their lyrics about real life. They wrote lyrics about exploiting one's position of power to degrade women and Axl still sings those lyrics. It's So Easy. Either way, I don't quite see where people get the idea that he's matured up. How would anybody even know where his head is at when he's not doing any interviews?
  9. So he's matured up to the point where "grab her by the pussy" is no longer edgy n' cool but "pussy full of maggots" still is? Baby steps, baby steps...
  10. Looking forward to this. It might be that the stories have been told before in a tabloidish manner, but it sounds like the documentary will offer some new insight and cultural context, as opposed to just reciting the stories as isolated incidents, so it could be interesting. It doesn't sound like they are out to cancel anybody: "All of the women in the film are incredible women in the sense they're forgiving and they aren't 'out to get' these rock stars. It's about setting the record straight. For many of them, it's a personal reckoning. I don't think it's a case of wanting to get their own back or tearing anyone down... It's actually not about the rock stars at all, it's about these women and it's about them being heard - so that people don't just make the assumptions that I think a lot of people make about some of these women."
  11. It's insane to me that Afghanistan is being given back to the hands of the Taliban. Makes the sacrifices of the war seem in vain. Imagine if the Nazis had been allowed back in power 20 years after WW2.
  12. Damn, that was the best part! I guess he's in a hurry censoring things now that he's a father.
  13. It seems to me he's had a lot of mixed feelings about it over the years, expressing discomfort about it as early as 2007 when he was a teenager: 'In 2007 he told the Sunday Times it was “kind of creepy that many people have seen me naked. I feel like the world’s biggest porn star”.'
  14. For as long as I can remember people have been saying that he seems happier than before. Either it's in the eyes of the perceiver or he just keeps on getting happier and happier the older he gets. Maybe it's because each day he's one step further from his miserable childhood.
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