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  1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The lengths people go to to defend the guy.
  2. Personally I have no problem with GNR being woke. People grow up and change. It's a good thing. However, if you really have changed, the first step is to own up to your past. Otherwise, any purported change or growth doesn't seem genuine. With that said, I think people exaggerate the wokeness of GNR. As far as I know, Duff is the only one who has expressed any support for women's rights. As far as Axl, the best thing that can be said for him is that there are no recent reports of him beating up or raping women. That doesn't necessarily mean he's all woke now or even pretending to be. More
  3. I've never encountered anyone who doesn't like the work Slash did with Michael Jackson. It's some of his best work imo. Frankly, I think Axl was jealous.
  4. I seem to recall it was Robert John who told the story in the book (Watch You Bleed, 2008), but I could be wrong.
  5. Soon was cool. From what I saw he wasn't nice to everyone all the time, but it was nothing worse than what you see on the forum all the time. Diesel Daisy was an overall good contributor as well and I liked action even though he was way off on some issues. A shame if they are all gone. I think some of you are too quick to dismiss people you don't like or agree with as "nothing but trolls". Just my opinion of course and I don't claim to know it all.
  6. There's never going to be absolute proof that is going to convince everyone on a case such as this, but at this point it definitely doesn't seem very likely that all of the people who have come forward are lying. As for the record company, I agree they probably knew about the abuse, or at least had some idea of what was going on, and that's why they were able to act so quickly. You could criticize them for not acting even sooner if they knew something, but I think it's sort of understandable that they waited until the victims explicitly stated that Manson was their abuser.
  7. I love how in this thread there are two friendly-looking dogs and then comes a mean-looking panda and ruins it all.
  8. You can see tears in his eyes when he's talking about how Axl was suicidal and how he had to talk him out of it. I don't think he's lying there. I think he's also overall sincere about how much he loved Axl. Whether he's deliberately lying about some other things, I can't say. Maybe his memory fails him from time to time or maybe there's a different explanation. For example, maybe both Goldstein and Niven went looking for that bandana so neither is lying.
  9. He's not exactly a single guy, though. He has a family through Beta. That's three generations of people and they all like to live large. If Axl is as fond of Beta as he used to be, he probably wants to make as much money as he can for her and her family.
  10. More likely they just thought that was Erin in the picture. I've seen that picture mislabeled as Erin before.
  11. https://www.newsweek.com/lisa-montgomery-life-sentence-death-row-abuse-1548750
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