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  1. Apologies, didn’t mean to contribute to derailing. Hoping for an excellent, fun, and healthy time at GNR. Hope Axl fucking brings it
  2. I feel sorry for you. Don’t remember a flu that killed 600k in America, millions worldwide, in a year (and only after massive, brutal lockdowns) Good luck to you. Hope you don’t get sick and, more importantly, don’t get others sick.
  3. Generally respect your opinions (and enjoy reading them) on here and the Aerosmith board, man, but disagreeing here. I am beyond frustrated with the attitude of “you do you” on this vaccination. Anti-vaxers are prolonging this virus and giving it time and possibilities to mutate into something worse (which it has). We would have never beat polio with this type of low-grade thinking. Agree it’s not a political thing. It’s a common sense thing. It can be a selfless thing. There are people in the hospital because of breakthroughs (folks who are vaccinated but still got it). The folks
  4. He’s bothered because the crazy, uneducated anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists are spreading the newer, far more contagious delta variant. Vaccines aren’t as effective against it in terms of preventing infection. They prevent seriously illness from delta, for the most part, but folks don’t want a virus and don’t want to spread it to their loved ones It’s hard to understand why this needs to be explained
  5. Vaccine greatly reduces risk of death and hospitalization from covid. It’s efficacy in preventing infection is not as high. The rates are TBD, but Israel was spooked enough to start third shots and Pfizer is pushing it as well. Also, lots of folks who were vaccinated are getting it, including prominent politicians (even the UK’s health minister). If this continues to accelerate, I could see these outdoor shows requiring a vaccine. Candidly I think it’s absurd that they haven’t done this already.
  6. Thanks for the input all. I am going to monitor how things develop over the next couple weeks. COVID is rising in all 50 states, LA reissued its indoor mask mandate starting today, and others will likely follow. There is still so much unknown about COVID, these new mutations, and the efficacy of the vaccine against the delta variant. A lot of conflicting info from reliable sources (e.g., is a 3rd shot necessary?) If I wear one, which I probably will, I hope I don’t get shit for from some drunk asshole at the show. Have pit tickets to Metlife
  7. For folks who are going, are you planning to wear a mask even though it’s not mandated? Initially, I didn’t plan to since I am double vaxxed. However, with the rise in infections driven by the delta variant, even with the vaccinated, I am rethinking it. I saw Foo Fighters maskless - and it was great - but I don’t want to get this virus. Israel is pushing forward on a third shot even though CDC says it’s not necessary. I don’t know - curious what others will do
  8. Did they fuck up the times? First of all, it’s 5pm EDT right now, not EST. It would then be 10pm GMT and 2pm PDT at 5pm EDT FFS, don’t fuck up the only sentence in the post
  9. It’s strange they aren’t promoting these shows on the social media platforms, but Bottle Rock is featured regularly
  10. CDC published new guidance stating the vaccinated can go maskless and no social distance, indoor or outdoor. Honestly, I think this tour is happening. Perhaps you’ll have to prove you’re vaccinated, but I am 100% fine with that. Let’s go!! Get in the Ring mf’er!
  11. Nine Inch Nails just announced 2 shows in Cleveland at an outdoor venue in Sept. Think some of these shows could happen. Hopeful for Aerosmith in September!
  12. Good question. Madison Square Garden the company emailed me (among presumably 1000s of others) a survey on appetite for going to a show and when. I believe this is their market work to determine when the demand will be there
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