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  1. Some new UYI shirts that don’t look terrible are on the website
  2. Is there video of the Cleveland 2002 show? I have some of the audio, but not the full concert. Did the full concert ever leak?
  3. I quoted the wrong message. Sorry! I meant to quote the post you quoted about Atlas being on Spotify in brazil
  4. Getting a “video not working” error when I click the link on YouTube (on the GnR official account)
  5. Maybe they just had to get Absurd out of the way with in order to please Axl. I am glad we got through that dark moment and are on the way to greener pastures!
  6. I guess that could be buckethead with the weird, very fast noodling in the last chorus. Fuck, this is great. The world needs more high quality rock n roll like this
  7. Honestly, this sounds fucking fantastic. This is some UYI I level guitar work from Slash. I do wish Axl sounded raspier like he does on Chinese Democracy (Better, CD, TWAT), but I’ll take it. Honestly, I am glad they are salvaging these songs. Axl was at a creative peak at this stage of his life (whether we like the output or not) and he owes it to himself to let his artwork to be experienced by his fans. Now release the album!
  8. I remember that. Although I thought Axl was way more badass in the CD years vs the NILT years Glad we still have him - just pissed by all the wasted potential
  9. A smidge of interaction Metlife but very very little relative to other bands / shows Maybe he has picked up the pace. The shows would be so much better if he just shared what is going on in his mind
  10. Very strange he put out a statement for this given he never puts out a statement for anything He barely talks to the crowd during a show
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