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  1. I wish there was a full album with his vocal sound on You’re Crazy and OIAM from Lies.
  2. What is this list and what’s the context? First time I’ve seen it
  3. Agree we are racing against the clock on our rock bands. Your Biden comment is completely off the mark. Yikes! Thank God we have a chance to go back to normal (or something closer to it) and the unqualified buffoons, conspiracy theorists, and dangerous sycophants are banished from the levers of power. The Biden administration’s intention on taking the pandemic seriously, implement a coordinated COVID mitigation plan, invoke defense production act to accelerate vaccine production, mask mandates, etc at least have a chance of ending this dreadful pandemic sooner than the status quo. “Lik
  4. Some of the merch is terrible, but I was glad to see some of the 2019 tour merch. I picked up the hoodie at a good price. Who knows what happens with concerts post COVID vaccine, but 2019 was the last great year of concerts before all of our lives were changed by the pandemic Glad to have another memento from two good shows
  5. The $12k machine sold out! That’s surprising since I think it said there are 500 machines. The lithograph machine is actually quite cool. I am not a pinball person and don’t appreciate what folks see in it.
  6. This would have been my ultimate concert. Wish I would have been old enough! Imagine, in a 4-5 yr period, you could have seen GNR with Aerosmith and Metallica! What a time for rock music
  7. That was great. Just wonderful to hear Axl sounding powerful and to see him giving a shit. Makes me not (so much) regret keeping my PIT tickets for next year. Hope COVID gets resolved and we can see a kick ass Guns show again!
  8. A+ collection sir. Pretty awesome. Love that Civil War / GITR shirt. Have checked out the Madeworn Gn’R shirts? They are pretty awesome in quality, although expensive.
  9. Whenever concerts do happen again and they are safe, GNR will be a big draw. I am probably going to keep my tickets
  10. Strange some are getting canceled notifications. I thought the tour was just postponed based on the Ticketmaster email I have tix for MetLife. I suppose I should request a refund. Bummer
  11. I went to SLC, so this video is nice to see. Axl always sounds better in person than on video, at least to me. It’s a shame we have a recent show of Axl with his voice in top shape
  12. Postponed announced on Instagram, officially. Refunds are being offered. Not sure whether to keep my tix (Metlife, GA) for 2021 or whenever
  13. WSJ had an article last week on fake copyright claims and Google. Doesn’t expressly pertain to GNR, but it’s relevant for the broader topic. https://www.wsj.com/articles/google-dmca-copyright-claims-takedown-online-reputation-11589557001?emailToken=a617357db5464827d15dc62cb77febf07rrrhO6IOzd2OnOAUJNeK5nYoHdl2LeA5U0IvLHAIOkKAXEhuLJPlOGM5NmcCUMkw0dIsS3napNaLY7qdOU/IfMppR528S7WlzOhdW/BmY7OPvSMPs0QiEZ3EH5MzD0O&reflink=article_copyURL_share
  14. Maybe the next tour will be called COVID-45 World Tour. If it get Axl spitting fire and dedicating Double Talking Jive to Trump, I am in! In all seriousness, I hate trump as much as the next person who pays attention, but this is in poor taste in my book. There are classier and more effective ways to help others out
  15. Duff also posted it to his Instagram stories. And I think I saw an Instagram ad for it too
  16. It’s just disappointing. We’ve all spent a lot of dollars/euros/pounds and time on this band, many of us during our most formidable and formative moments in life. That’s why we love music, right? Just disappointing since GnR was always special to me. Guess Noel said it best - don’t put your life in the hands of a rock n roll band
  17. Why do they even bother with something that lame? It’s embarrassing and unprofessional
  18. Hopefully they resurrect your GNR YouTube channel. Excluding a new album, that would be the best thing GNR could do...in my book at least!
  19. Gosh I hope not but that is what they’ve done with all the clips they post on Instagram That said, they will have to cherry-pick to get Axl at his best moments over 4 years
  20. Couldn’t disagree more strongly. Good journalism is more important than ever, especially in an age when too many live in their own echo chambers (Fox News, FB, Twitter) and an administration that perpetually lies (too many examples in the last 2-3 months to even site) and is plainly incompetent. NYT, Washington Post, and WSJ, among others, are doing a fantastic job. Note I am not referring to Opinion sections, which are just that and of course have their own politically leanings. Yes, you won’t see “mainstream” media praise Trump because there isn’t anything to praise. This is a man wh
  21. 100% agree. Idiot and takes dishonesty to unimaginable and dangerous levels. Fuck this guy and everyone who has enabled him. Not sure how anyone can defend him at this point. Good for Axl for speaking his mind. Wish he’d bring that fire on stage or, given we are locked down, into the studio
  22. Just an embarrassment. For it to dissolve to this, I almost could have done without the reunion. Axl and his band of freaks* was more GNR than this *Excludes 2006 - that fucking kicked ass
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