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  1. That 1999-2000 period of recording songs seems fruitful since they're releasing singles in 2021 of reworked versions of those same songs. We'll probably hear the supposed Chinese Democracy 2 songs by 2035 at this rate.
  2. Thank for the clarification. I think that would still be good enough for a documentary mixed with the higher quality stuff. It's a shame because it's unused footage that's doing absolutely nothing. It wouldn't hurt to monetize it. Have interviews with the band today to give their thoughts on the tour. Hearing from the Use Your Illusion era band (Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, Gilby, Matt, Dizzy) about the highs and lows of that tour and era would be very compelling.
  3. Especially since we know they filmed the Use Your Illusion Tour and the quality is film quality. It's just a matter of getting the band to agree to release it and find a means of distribution. I wonder if they watch the Get Back documentary and get any urge to do so?
  4. I think you bring up a good point on Axl's voice possibly improving during that tour had they kept going. He had really only done 4 shows the previous year by the time 2002 came around. It doesn't explain him firing out the gate in 2006 but I think he was in great shape then which helped and was probably in a better frame of mind to tour then.
  5. Sucks that he never got to tour during his time with Guns n Roses. Late 99 into 2000 would've been a perfect time to do so.
  6. Slash has always been really inconsistent in his beliefs and thought processes and I think he's generally a good guy. Axl for all the shit he gets is relatively consistent in his beliefs and you can see a through line in his beliefs and statements that make sense. Slash has always seemed eager to please more than anything.
  7. I think the issue was that Axl didn't know what he wanted musically for a long time. The band spent countless hours from 1994-1996 trying to figure out what he wanted but never got a solid answer. The band after Slash/Duff/Matt left seemed like a new start and when he finally began adding lyrics and vocals to songs. Chinese Democracy is kind of the follow up to UYI and TSI after the old band couldn't work with Axl. Some of those songs sound very late 90s/early 00s. Releasing Chinese Democracy in 2001 after Oh My God in 1999 wouldn't have been a terrible gap. The problem is there's been zero follow up after. We absolutely should have gotten at least 2 or 3 more albums if the band functioned like most other bands.
  8. Someone who used to post here and had access to the band said Axl could be very hot and cold. He could be the most generous, outgoing guy and then kind of moody and distant. It could tie to his bipolar issues. It sounds strange but he could also be somewhat of an introvert. Being introverted doesn't necessarily mean he's not outgoing, but that social situations can exhaust him.
  9. For me it's more pictures from the late 90's, particularly 1999. I'm really curious to see how he looked at the tail end of that decade. It's also close enough to the HOB show that was 01/01/2001 to really gauge how much he changed in a relatively short period of time. Also would show how he looked when he recorded the bulk of Chinese Democracy.
  10. I think I've heard that Blind Melon were performing Don't Cry live in their early days before it was recorded for the Use Your Illusion albums. Doug Goldstein once said that Axl didn't attend his funeral because he didn't want to be a distraction. Bear in mind this is right when Axl started to completely disappear from the public. There's some pictures of his final show in this link. https://www.alternativenation.net/shannon-hoon-photos-discovered-from-final-show-with-blind-melon/
  11. The way his jaw looks is probably from a lack of fat in that area. His facial structure in some of those pics looks like how he looked in the 80s/90s. What makes him look odd is how smoothed out his face looks and how tight his eyes look. He was 100% trying to look younger in those years and not like a guy who lived a nocturnal lifestyle who possibly had heavy looking eyes or wrinkles. He was compensating way too hard then.
  12. There's some fan accounts I was reading last night regarding the Joint shows. Someone mentioned chatting and taking a picture of Axl on January 1, 2002 and that Axl was wearing a Jerry Rice jersey. This may be of that. Edit: The account is towards the bottom of this page: https://www.a-4-d.com/t2047-2001-12-31-the-joint-hard-rock-hotel-las-vegas-usa
  13. Axl's one of those guys that other famous people get starstruck over. I'm sure he'd be cool enough with her if he wanted to approach her. I think he mentioned her when talking about current music he was listening to during that Kurt Loder interview from November 1999.
  14. That mid-2000s (2003-2005) period that was his 2nd recluse period doesn't get talked about enough.
  15. He was doing a few interviews in early 2009, I wonder if any of them were in person? Also I would've gladly taken Axl from 2002-2007 with the hair he had in 2001. Even if he was wearing a wig it looked so much better than the braids. I'm guessing a lot of it was extensions because his lightly braided hair from the Joint shows looks nothing like how it was from 2002-2007.
  16. Axl really latched on to hip hop fashion in that era. It was definitely the style for younger people at the time but it didn't suit him at all. He came back in 2006 with a completely different, more mature style that would still look good today.
  17. I feel like it shows how much Axl respected Chris Cornell and likes the song that it's become a semi-regular part of the setlist. It's not even the first Soundgarden cover they did since they covered a brief part of Big Dumb Sex on TSI. Always been interesting seeing Axl perform the song as it came out in 1994 right when he became a recluse.
  18. This might be moved to the Use Your Illusion section. I've definitely seen it and you may be able to find it in the thread mentioned. It's actually surprisingly hard to find now. He's standing with someone and looks like a hybrid of 2002 and 2006. If you check my post in the wilderness years thread, I'm almost certain those pictures are of him from October 1999. I don't think there's any pictures of him from 2008. He seemed to disappear after the short tour they did in 2007 and didn't reappear until the tail end of 2009.
  19. I might have read from a user here that there was only some songs that were recorded and not a full album. It was such a huge missed opportunity that they didnt perform at Woodstock 99 which they were rumored for. They had SCOM from Big Daddy, and Oh My God could've still been released as planned a few months later. It bugs me to no end that we missed a chunk of 1990s Axl live. His vocals might have diminished somewhat but he was getting into shape by 1999 and would've sounded like he did on Chinese. Just some select dates for a few years would've been huge and we could've also seen more of the various nu Guns lineups.
  20. To be fair, I love Soundgarden but Chris Cornell never sang it like the recorded version live which has always been my favorite. His live vocals sounded almost too quiet during the verses. The choruses were good though.
  21. I really want a commercial featuring Axl ordering Uber Eats or something that's self-deprecating. Have him tell Fernando to order pizza since he doesn't know how to use an iPhone. Have Beta pop in and ask him if he's going to work on new music while Axl says he's too busy and you cut to him watching cat videos. At the end they drop a 5 second snippet of the General to make the people on here go nuts.
  22. Surprised it didn't feature the opening vocals at the end. It's just an instrumental portion of WTTJ. I won't lie that WTTJ being used in a commercial for GTA: San Andreas got me hyped for that game in 2004. Axl also voiced a DJ in the game as well.
  23. Dig the cover there that's kind of a homage to the Badmotorfinger cover. On a little bit of a different note, I wonder what Soundgarden songs prime Axl would sound best singing. I could see him doing a lot of the Badmotorfinger songs justice live.
  24. Reminds me of Prince using 4, eye and U in a lot of messages and song titles.
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