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  1. I hope you’re just playing because you know shit about doing a record i guess. Just bcause the INSTRUMENTAL is called that way, doesnt mean the lyrics are about that as Axl himself said it was renamed to Berlin, as with lyrics. Also Shacklers was named by Buckethead, Brain and Scaturro in Giant Robot, then used in guns, whose lyrics are about Another shooting else Axl liked years after.
  2. Then slash used songs for that album in Snakepit so Axl was angry about that. Axl wanted the new band to feel their own and have an unique voice, its been documented as hell. He said that Madagascar was the first song he wrote vocals and sang in studio since Sympathy at least, documented by himself and Pitman.
  3. Please stop believing shit didnt happen, that songs were written by the band at the time, Axl as we know was infuriated with Slash and everything about him and his asociates that im amazed that anyone would think he recorded a song writen by him in that years. stop spreading false assumptions
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