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  1. TBH Axl didn't sound good at Chile and Argentina 2016.
  2. Seems like You Could be Mine from Chile 2016 when Axl stopped the song.
  3. Oh yeah I remember that, thanks for pasting it, I remember thinking back in time that it seems so fake tho'.
  4. Can you explain that part of " DJ Ashba to be fired from the band and then the band to be dissolved" pls
  5. Snippets of the Dodger Stadium proshot which was done for a dvd are at 1:20
  6. I honestly thought for a sec that the AFD5 would play lol
  7. At the timestamp I left the video, you can see the Dodger Stadium 2016 proshot that was created with a real film crew...
  8. Axl should have sang it completely with his talking voice instead of the falsetto where he loses breath.
  9. Can't deny that, even the cheaper ones that you buy for a quick party/gathering are good
  10. Well, Team Brazil is cringe, so we must do a cringe aproach
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