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  1. Please no more covers. New songs or cut the set. I have no interest in hearing any more covers
  2. Maybe the pinball machine release ended up taking all there time and creative energy away from the music.
  3. Hard to believe still no new music but we can spend thousands on a pinball machine.
  4. I totally agree. I was still excited to get it. I actually loaded up my two small kids at the time and was at Best Buy when they opened to get it. I still like the record, just disappointed on what could have been. There were several members including Axl, that said a follow up wouldn’t be nearly as long a wait. Well, 12 years later, I’m still waiting.
  5. I was able to go to the Pittsburgh PA show. Unbelievable show by both bands. It poured during the end of Metallica and between sets. Both bands were on the top of their game. The energy in the crowd was indescribable unless you were there. This was a time in rock history we sadly may never see again. Glad I got to witness it.
  6. The lack of success of cd was basically all axl’s fault. No record could live up to the hype of 14 years of hype and speculation. At this point, the record was famous for all the wrong reasons and became something like Greek mythology. Once it was released, reality set in that this was just a good record. It didn’t live up to the myth (nothing would of). If this record came out in 98 or 99 it would of been huge. All that and then account for the change in the music industry and it was set for failure.
  7. I’m looking forward to it too. I’m glad there a bunch of shows supposed to happen before this. Hopefully by that point, Axl is in good vocal form.
  8. I’ll have to give that a try. Last time I asked for a meximelt they told me they don’t have them anymore.
  9. They also got rid of the meximelt too, which was always my favorite. Sadly, this is the type of news to be commenting on currently. GnR really needs to do something new “soon”.
  10. Maybe we should start a thread that lists all the people and dates that we’re talking about “new music soon”. The list has to be almost endless. Not sure how to look up
  11. I’m still debating on keeping mine or getting a refund for Detroit. I thought I have decent tickets and the show is rescheduled. Does anyone know when the tickets go on sale for the new date.
  12. I always like Chris Cornell, what a shame he went out like he did. Not a bad version. Even Artists who have died are releasing more music than Guns.
  13. I have four tickets for Detroit and was also taking both my kids to their first GnR concert. Really bummed about it. I plan on getting a refund too. I’ll repurchase once it gets scheduled.
  14. These loans will not be paid back. The law was written such that if they put toward payroll, they will not have to be paid back. Since these bands only tour periodically, the road crews are not specific GnR employees. This is very different from a retailer or manufacturer who has all the overhead. If GnR are not touring, they are not paying road crews. This is another case of the wrong people getting taxpayer money. This is clearly not what this money was meant for. I find it ridiculous and another case of hypocrisy from these spoon fed celebrities. They should feel some pain as the
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