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  1. At this point, there is no reason not to go to fully open. It’s time and the vaccine is available to anyone who wants one. I think it’s reasonable to think we should be fully open by July, but sadly it may all depend on what political party is running the states. Here in Michigan none of our governor’s decision have been well thought out or implemented and as a result our numbers have been some of the worst in the country. The original lock down was done entirely to not overrun the hospitals, not to stop Covid. The virus is going to run its course and cannot be stopped no matter what.
  2. I never minded DJ in the band and thought he and Axl clicked. It worked on stage. Non hardcore Guns fans seemed to really like him. I think he connected with people much better than bumblefoot or bucket head. He also had a great work ethic and seems to be always putting something out. I hoped that would spark new music, but that never happened. I am really glad to see Slash and Duff back though. I also thought that had a great chance to spawn new music but so far, still nothing. I’m just about ready to give up.
  3. Unfortunately when it comes to Axl no one knows or will ever know what he is thinking. I don’t buy that he is doing it for the money argument. Axl had plenty of money. He is a single guy and one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. He also doesn’t travel with a huge posse like the rap stars. I really think he just gave up and accepted that the new band idea failed and that he might as well tour and tour while he can. I am still hoping the addition of Slash and Duff ignites a spark but that’s looking less and less likely
  4. Full time couch potato is the most likely next job, if he isn’t already doing that.
  5. I love seeing newer generations appreciating good music. My kids have grown up listening to GnR, Elvis and many other great bands. I wanted them to appreciate real artists and music rather than all the contrived music made from computer programs. They still like most of the new stuff I can’t stand (can’t stop it) bit at least it gives them a well rounded appreciation of all eras of music.
  6. My 12 year old son who was 4 months old when CD came out (and was with me in Best Buy first thing in the morning) asked me an odd question the other day while driving in the car listening to a GnR tune. He asked if GnR was a “dead band”. I asked what he meant, and he basically said a band who still plays but doesn’t release any new music. I was surprised by his keen observation and had to agree with that assessment. I told him we’ve been told for many years that we have been told new music was being worked on, but still nothing. I never looked at it this way as I’ve always fallen for the sa
  7. I hope your right. I was excited at first when Slash said that they were working on stuff. Now after going on 5 years, all the comments seem just like all the past empty promises from all the other past band members
  8. COVID didn’t kill GnR. They’ve done that job all on their own. If anything, the lockdown should of given them all the time they need to finish up the new album they were supposed to be working on. The fact that they are not doing anything, is completely ridiculous and probably means there really isn’t anything going on behind all the smoke and mirrors. Most people’s lives have gone to a “new normal” and people are still moving forward. Most struggling business owners are working even harder to find out a way to keep things going. Only these spoiled wealthy celebrities have the ability to
  9. Please no more covers. New songs or cut the set. I have no interest in hearing any more covers
  10. Maybe the pinball machine release ended up taking all there time and creative energy away from the music.
  11. Hard to believe still no new music but we can spend thousands on a pinball machine.
  12. I totally agree. I was still excited to get it. I actually loaded up my two small kids at the time and was at Best Buy when they opened to get it. I still like the record, just disappointed on what could have been. There were several members including Axl, that said a follow up wouldn’t be nearly as long a wait. Well, 12 years later, I’m still waiting.
  13. I was able to go to the Pittsburgh PA show. Unbelievable show by both bands. It poured during the end of Metallica and between sets. Both bands were on the top of their game. The energy in the crowd was indescribable unless you were there. This was a time in rock history we sadly may never see again. Glad I got to witness it.
  14. The lack of success of cd was basically all axl’s fault. No record could live up to the hype of 14 years of hype and speculation. At this point, the record was famous for all the wrong reasons and became something like Greek mythology. Once it was released, reality set in that this was just a good record. It didn’t live up to the myth (nothing would of). If this record came out in 98 or 99 it would of been huge. All that and then account for the change in the music industry and it was set for failure.
  15. I’m looking forward to it too. I’m glad there a bunch of shows supposed to happen before this. Hopefully by that point, Axl is in good vocal form.
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