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  1. I truly was excited to have them finally play a “new song”. Although I hate Absurd, Hard Skool is a decent track. I have the other leaks and only thought HS was worthy of releasing. I hope I’m wrong and that there is some great stuff in the works, but at this point I am not real hopeful. I was really hoping this reunion and reconnection with Slash and Duff would have really sparked some creative juices. For Slash to say they have wasted another 5 years and haven’t written anything new pretty much extinguished any hope of new music. Sure we may get a few CD leftovers, but this news makes me think there isn’t much left in the tank.
  2. Releasing singles is definitely the way to go at this point. That’s what’s frustrating about past comments from Fernando that they were trying to figure out the best way. It’s easy today. You don’t need any record deals, Best Buy deals or any of that crap. Write a song, record it and release it. Sadly, no one is waiting in line at midnight to buy an album anymore. With that said, I do hope they release a full album and in contains some new songs recently written. It’s better late than never. I still want more, but I’m glad to finally see things going in the right direction.
  3. It’s about time. This was my favorite from all the leaks. Song is good, way better than absurd. Now let’s hope they keep pushing toward this “new album”. Hopefully soon is the word 🤣
  4. I’m a huge GnR fan and have always thought Axl was the star of the show as it’s almost impossible to replace a unique lead singer. However, it’s very apparent that slash is just as important. His playing and stage presence are unbelievable. As a duo or trio with Duff there is a uniqueness that just feels right. This is what should of happened many years ago. Slash has also now risen to mythical status and complements Axl perfectly.
  5. I was at that show. The band and Axl sounded great but they dragged it out way too long and people started leaving in droves. He had a really excited audience for a bit, but totally lost them with all the solos, covers and extended songs
  6. I went to a 2002 show in Columbus. I was very disappointed with his voice. He was full Micky and we couldn’t believe what he looked and sounded like. Such a drastic change in a short amount of time. Even so, we were excited as it looked like they were finally going to release this album we’ve been teased with for years. Would of never guessed it would all derail and it would be another 6 years.
  7. Overall it was a great show. Axl was in a great mood. He addressed the crowd more than any other time I have seen them and was very active onstage. He even looks like he has lost a few pounds. The set list change and lack of covers and endless solos really helped keep the flow and the mood going. He sounded better than I thought he was going to but there has been a noticeable drop off from 2017. Even so, it was still worth going as they still put on a hell of a show. I was able to take my 13 and 15 year olds with me and they loved it. Looking around the show, I saw lots of people with their kids. Cool to see the younger generation rocking. Memorable night.
  8. Just cracked my first beer. Heading out in about an hour. Always excited to see them even at my 13th time
  9. Dead horse has always been a favorite of mine but my 13 year old son who’s going with us tonight loves patience. So I’m hoping they play it. I wish they would drop all the covers like I wanna be your dog, seeker etc. Any songs added should be actual GnR songs.
  10. He sounds pretty weak. Jungle was always pretty awesome except for Rio 2011. I’m hoping he sounds a little better for the Detroit show.
  11. I’m excited to finally get a “new song” but out of all the leaks I’ve heard, silkworms is my least favorite. Hopefully they keep adding some in and finally give us some info on a new album release.
  12. Has there been any changes to the start time of this show? I heard the Hershey show has been moved up an hour.
  13. For people going to the show, please let us know what time GnR actually comes on. I am going to the Detroit show and not sure what time to get there. This is my 12th GnR show but still never know when to arrive. Hoping they go on by 9
  14. I’m hoping for the best. Curious to see what Axl will look and sound like. I will be at the Detroit show soon. Come tomorrow, we will find out what to expect. Hoping that he shows up in good shape and sounds good. A new song or two would be great.
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