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  1. 29 minutes ago, Tom-Ass said:

    No one knows shit about Slash wanting Fortus for anything. Fortus was being a whiny little bitch and talking shit because he was mad. For all we know he made it up.. A friend of a friend could have recommended him to Slash while Slash was putting a band together... Slash may have considered auditioning him or just said so to appease someone. No one knows anything.. It could have been 100% fabricated for all we know. 

    Didn't Slashs Manager approach Richard and ask him to join Slashs band on Slashs behalf? Just read that somewhere recently, don't know where anymore. And I think it was someone from Slash "camp" who confirmed this.

  2. Why the fuck is the rhythm guitar so low in the mix?? It would sound a lot more powerfull if it was louder. When Slash plays a solo, the song sounds so empty.

    I don't get it. Are they doing it like this to make Slashs guitar stand out more? It's just stupid because it does no good to the overall sound.

    And Axls voice is very weak.


  3. 1 hour ago, scooby845 said:


    I wouldn't say its bigger than the summer tour one... The thing that annoys me regarding the stage is not it's length, it's the fact that the aisle you see sideways is used for light beams and not for the band.. I wish they assembled it that way like in UYI tour where Axl and Slash could run on those sideways runways... You know what I mean? That would make the stage look 100 times bigger... Kinda sucks for people in seating sections.. cannot see the band so close..

    I don't think those sideway runways are only for light beams. Maybe that was the case with the stage for the north american tour, but these runways definitely look like they are there for the band to run around on.

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  4. 10 hours ago, Slash787 said:

    This is a good example, look at how his good voice comes in Twat after 1 min or so


    I think the only good part apart from the outro is from 2:05 to 2:22. Everything else is weak. If he sang like this every time he sings clean, for example in the second half of estranged as well, it would be great. It sounds really strong. I'm sorry, I'm a big Axl supporter and I really enjoy this reunion, but I can't fool myself into thinking that his voice is very good in the first half of TWAT.

    He has no problem singing those high notes with a lot of power, like the outro of TWAT. This is also what most ACDC songs are like, where he could basically just scream it out, which is why he sounds so good on them. But even on some ACDC songs or parts of ACDC songs, that are more in the mid range, he sounds weak. Listen closely and you can hear it. You can hardly hear it in the ACDC vids because of audience noice etc. but it's there. He really has trouble singing in the mid-range with power. 

    2:05 to 2:22 in this video he sings powerful in his mid-range and it sounds really good. But you can hear that it's really hard for him and I don't think he could sing like that for a longer time, which is why he is singing with this weak voice most of the time.


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  5. Sounds great! And it would be really great to hear the full song Moving On, it sounds awesome!

    How many songs in the style of GNR did you and Chad write/record?

    And don't worry about having caused a little confusion on this board with some people actually thinking this was GNR. Nobody is mad because of that and nobody will dislike your songs because of that. It's great to have new music that sounds similar to GNR (especially because there is no new music from GNR in sight) and you're the one providing us with that music, lol. Great to have you here and your work is really appreciated!

  6. Don't know if thats the right topic to ask, but I don't know where else and I'm curious:

    What happend on November 27th, 2014? Because when you go to the start-page of mygnrforum, scroll down and look at the member statistics, it says that this is the day the most people were online at the same time. Was there something special that day, so that many came online? Or is it just coincidence? Because I don't remember any special announcements or something from the band that day.

  7. Whenever there's something postet from facebook, twitter, instagram, it only shows the top half of the picture for me. So I always have to click on the post and check out the picture on its original source. Is there a way to fix this?

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