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  1. Many of the tour lithographs were crap, but at least each was tied to a specific event. These are just crap.
  2. $100 shipped Priority Mail (US only.) Excellent condition, complete with the outer J-card. Disc has some very fine marks but as close to Mint as an opened CD can be. Crack on the rear of the jewel case. Full set of high-res pics at: https://klovimg.com/album/x2vy
  3. I have two of the 11-17-17 Las Vegas “praying hands” lithographs available, your choice of #245, 246 or 247. Shoot me an offer - I can mail these (US only) tubed via Priority Mail.
  4. What’s the timestamp for when he asks Eric for the password to the box.com account holding the 18 concerts?
  5. Ordered, but no word yet from my distributor on timing.
  6. It could be. "Album Modes are all single ball modes, and all have unique music composed and performed by Slash for the pinball machine." That's from the really in-depth preview at https://www.thisweekinpinball.com/guns-n-roses-pinball-deep-dive-in-depth-overview-of-the-machine-features-rules-and-more/ ^^^ Well worth the read.
  7. All editions use a backglass instead of a translite. (Yes, the CE is the mirrored one.)
  8. I didn't care for the art on the CE at all, and WTF is up with the purple CE armor? The only thing the CE had over the LE for me was the physical ball lock, but since the gameplay is the same between the CE and LE it was a no-brainer to go with the LE for me. Total agreement on the Standard. Hideous. Decently priced for operators, though, and should earn well. Regardless of LE/CE preference, it's a fantastic machine, and a good week to be a GNR pinball fan. Hopefully a good week for GNR music fans is in the not-too-distant future as well.
  9. You already have all of the music in the new machines, aside from the new instrumental stuff from Slash.
  10. Just to keep our expectations low (you'd think we'd learn by now) remember that it says "Additional Voice Recording by Axl Rose" - it doesn't say that they're new.
  11. I have the original one in my living room, and just ordered the new LE to go next to it.
  12. No, I won't, The album mode music by Slash is in addition to the 21-song tracklist.
  13. That part is just tragic. I was planning on the CE, but that purple trim ("Appetite Purple?" WTF?) the cheesy topper and that crap reimagined cross on the backbox... ugh. Litho-art LE for me. 1. It's So Easy 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Sweet Child O' Mine 4. Welcome to the Jungle 5. My Michelle 6. Out ta Get Me 7. Paradise City 8. Night Train 9. Rocket Queen 10. Coma 11. Double Talkin' Jive 12. November Rain 13. Live and Let Die 14. Don't Cry 15. You Could Be Mine 16. Civil War 17. Estranged 18. Better 19. Chinese Democracy 20. This I Love 21. Patience
  14. I kept mine for NJ because... I’m not sure. Maybe because they’re Pit tix and I didn’t want to go through Ticketmaster hell again. But mostly because I’m lazy.
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