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  1. 18 hours ago, downzy said:

    Because we like JD a lot more...

    In seriousness, JD's included a linked article and wasn't focused on Pitman's comments about this forum.  

    Neither was my thread. 


    He is after describing the upcoming tour as a "money grab" and "nostalgia tour" on his official facebook page.


    He seems quite angry. Sounds like he is out to me. 


    Given that there is a thread on whether Izzy is in or out I think this deserves its own thread too.


    That was what I posted.  

  2. He is after describing the upcoming tour as a "money grab" and "nostalgia tour" on his official facebook page.


    He seems quite angry. Sounds like he is out to me. 


    Given that there is a thread on whether Izzy is in or out I think this deserves its own thread too.  




  3. 25 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

    Unisex toilets? You want the feminine sex to use the same public toilets as men? Have you ever seen the gents? The whiff of urine that hits you like an avalanche as you enter; troughs - what pigs use to eat out of - bloody pigs!! Yellow sponge objects dropped into these same troughs in the vague hope that they will somehow destroy the obnoxious bacterial odour. If you enter a toilet in a more disreputable pub or a sporting venue, there are usually the obligatory empty beer cans and graffiti, ''Jimmy will give you a hand job if you dial this number'' etc etc. I do not want women to endure what men have to go through in these places! Of course the argument to that is that with unisex, the standards may ascend to the calibre of female toilets, and not descend to the male example. I suppose troughs will disappear? Well, men pee in the cistern standing up. Men pee with the seat down. Men, with multiple alcoholic beverages in their innards become very poor marksmen - any male who has been brought up in a household comprising of predominately females will recognise this argument.

    Terrible idea.

    You'd be surprised, I've heard it from bar and hotel staff that female toilets are 1000 times worse than the men's 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Axl owns dexter said:

    The trans issue is like number 100 on my list of issues I care to comment on. But really, the thing I signal against most is parents who let their kids transition. No one under 18 should be going through that process. I do not believe everyone going through the process truly has the issue of being "born in the wrong body." You know, there is quite a high suicide rate for people after they transition. 

    That's because they are mentally ill and parents dressing their little boys as girls and helping them "transition" are guilty of child abuse

  5. 23 minutes ago, PappyTron said:

    You know, I was waiting for you to publish that type of article. Moreover, I know that if I'd have stated that male and female brains are the same you'd have linked an article saying that they are different. The fact that you posted your link less than a minute after I made my post tells me that you had it all ready to go; you simply want to be a contrarian.

    Moreover, what does she disagree with me in what I said? If you asked her she would tell you that our brains are indeed physically different; male brains are larger and have more grey matter; that is a biological fact.

    Have a look at the kinds of groups that Rippon writes for and you can see what kind of a person she is:


    Science Grrrl? Really? You don't need to be a professor to know exactly what kind of agenda she is pushing.

    If you don't like the source here is a different more recent study that came to the same conclusion


  6. 1 minute ago, PappyTron said:

    Biologically the brain of a man and the brain of a woman are physically different; the typical male brain is larger, for instance. However, social conditioning also plays a role, just like it does in any aspect; there is no clear nature vs nurture divide. Like I said in the first post, if you were to ask trans-gendered people when they knew that they identified with the wrong gender relative to their physical body they would almost universally state that it was at a very young age, and that they are certain in their feelings; no social pressure or guidance was needed.

    This neuroscientist disagrees, it is an interesting read. 


  7. 9 minutes ago, PappyTron said:

    Gender is a social construct derived from applied traditional roles; the "male" vs "female" brain is the difference between what would usually fall under the guise of the "male" or "female" social roles.

    Can I just clarify what you are saying a little further? Do you believe that men and women have different brains in an innate way or do you believe that differences emerge due to social conditioning?

  8. 2 minutes ago, PappyTron said:

    People who are trans-gendered typically know from a young age that something is not "right" or that they are "different" to their friends. They are perfectly aware that it is not a "phase" or something that will pass as time goes by. All being trans-gendered is, is that despite having the physical body of one sex, your mental composition is such that would usually be found in the body of the opposite sex. Male and Female is a social construct anyway and is based around normative gender roles; many countries and cultures have three genders, and I think that people get confused between the words "gender" and "sex" because they are commonly used incorrectly and interchangeably.

    With the above being said, I believe that how a person self-identifies is down to them, because only they truly know how they feel. However, it is not the place of society as a whole to bend to the will of every group within that society. Lastly, whilst a person may identify as a woman, despite being biologically a man, I tend to lean towards internally labeling them by the latter; a post-operative trans-gendered person (Caitlin Jenner for example) is still a man to me, based on the biological characteristics.

    So on the one hand you are saying there is such a thing as a male and female brain yet on the other hand you are saying that gender is a social construct?

  9. 5 minutes ago, axlslash said:

    Aaaaaand that's where you lose me. It's not ignoring the solution, it's thinking that a separate unisex bathroom is more attainable than doing away with all gendered bathrooms. This isn't "insane degeneracy," it's pragmatic organizing. You need to make change incrementally. Start with a designated unisex bathroom to provide choice: you can use the male bathrooms, the female bathrooms, or the non-gendered bathrooms. As long as society refuses to acknowledge that gender is a fluid spectrum rather than a rigid binary, you need to simultaneously pursue unisex options while respecting society's anachronistic views.

    And the argument that people will fake gender identities to get into other bathrooms is fucking insane. In fact, providing non-gendered options will eliminate the risk of that happening. So keep the strawman out of the argument.

    Society itself is deranged as long as it has this much trouble accepting people for who they are and just letting them live their lives. If you feel like we need a law that says "you can't have a bathroom that you feel comfortable in," you're the deranged one.

    Gender fluidity is a mental illness and should be treated as such. One day you are Dick, the next Jane and in between you might decide to be a carrot. 


    But the people who see this for what it is, an illness, are the ones in the wrong?





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