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  1. I would say 90% given up, but holding on to that 10% strongly.
  2. I caved and got 2x ga diamond tickets for gold coast 😂
  3. No free tickets available through my work, so decided to give it a miss unless cheap tickets are available on the day. Not paying $250 unless axl starts releasing music again 😅
  4. I'll be at the first gig on the Gold Coast! I work for Metricon too, so hopefully can nab some good seats at our stadium. We've been covid free in qld for a couple of months, its been amazing. The rest of australia is getting that way too. I think the tour will go ahead.
  5. Does anybody have a screenshot or text exhert of what Fernando said? Perhaps put it on the 1st comment for everyone? Having trouble finding it on here and reddit. Thanks!
  6. Sorry, I must have missed that. There were a lot of posts to go through. I noticed the latter posts regarding trolling and you refreshing music streaming services at midnight and assumed were you on the fence still.
  7. I agree, should have asked for verification from him straight away and report back to everyone. Could have been stopped in 5 minutes instead of going on for a few days. Also, and not sure if you're already doing this, but impose strict penalties for anyone who does this.
  8. I know Sofine11 is a regular at the forums, but it doesnt seem legit to me. Cant he run a screenshot of the conversation past Russ for him to confirm the legitimacy?
  9. I cant seem to find the post where Sofine11 says the there will be a release tomorrow? Besides his hopeful "suprise announcement?"
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