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  1. It works with every word, ex https://m.youtube.com/c/gunsnroses/penis
  2. Even Jesus is losing his patience, and he has gone through some shit. "Yeah yeah, I know that you have been knocking on my door, just bring me Hardskool"
  3. I did the same thing with another artist which I know will release a song next week, the same thing happened.
  4. "B-b-but Eric, I gave you a new song two weeks ago"
  5. Absurd/silkworms came out of the blue, so why cant another song do the same?
  6. You should have described more believable stuff about the future first so you would sound more legit. Like the world lockdown and Trump as the president.
  7. I have always assumed that disc 1 was intendend to be released as the first album, since all the songs on disc 1 was 100% done and Most of them was played live. but perhaps I was wrong...
  8. So why was it on CD back in 2000? The record company didnt want Silkworms on the comeback album, thats why it wasnt on CD. Im sure Axl likes Silkworms/absurd, so does I to some degree.
  9. The lyrics on Youtube are different. Just another life slips away
  10. It was very wise of you to use Google translate and not Google image.
  11. This kinda removes the pressure of debuting a New song. Even eye on you Will be seen as a major improvement.
  12. Sounds like one of those songs that was already downloaded on a phone when you bought it back in 2003.
  13. "I would have released that new album if it weren't for you meddling kids and that damned dog!"
  14. Dregen (swedish guy who plays in the band Backyard babies) auditioned to replace Buckethead.
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