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  1. At this point Axl should be fired lol. Get Izzy, duff, slash and adler back and find a new singer for the band. If axl isnt going to record nothing new and just happy to use the brand to sell childrens books, puzzles, trucks instead of operating as a band than maybe he should be the one going.
  2. Meanwhile Slash is dropping smkc soon and supposedly already finished writing the follow up to that. No surprise who hasn't been in the studio and done any work other than cartoon appearances.
  3. Yea Axl only visits cartoon studios these days.
  4. We arent even getting current axl on the newly released gnr singles let alone Axl having to go into the studio to record a new vocal guest spot
  5. Just listened to the song. Band sounded good. Myles not so much. If only slash went back to having guest vocalists like his first self titled album.
  6. Imagine if both records were released at the same time and both bands decided to toured together. SMKC as warm up act to GNR. Im sure slash would be up for a 4-5 hr a night performance
  7. I still hold it down to marketing or both songs just didnt have replay value for alot of listeners. Bet most those gnr subscribers are there to watch scom or NR lol. Casuals probably dont even know about the singles.
  8. Those mentioned bands are professionals with proper marketing. A big thing GNR are missing with Hardskool and Absurb. They also have a big catalogue of music to keep fans interested over the years. I am sure GnR has lost a few fans over lack of new music and big gaps between albums.
  9. Acdc has two problems which is why every song sounds similar. 1. Brian sounds the exact same on every single song. 2. Angus Young always uses the same 1970 gibson sg tuned the same way every single song. I love ACDC esp Bon Era but they cannot compete with The Rolling Stones classic legendary albums they released during that period between late 60s and early 70s. Even comparing their tours Mick still sounds great while Brian struggles and sounds terrible. No way they are on the same level in my opinion
  10. I think slash and his tone has been the standout this tour leg
  11. The older 93 DDJ with that spanish acoustic ending would be great. Song used to go for like 10 or 11 mins
  12. Axl cant sing like Adlers singer anymore. An unfortunate truth.
  13. Adlers live on instagram too with his band. Sounds more like gnrs than the actual gnrs these days. https://instagram.com/realstevenadler/live/18242882815067211?utm_medium=copy_link
  14. Here you go https://www.facebook.com/salvatore.nastasia.1/videos/1023243788531379/
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