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  1. PWR UP posters have been hung around Sydney. Somethings happening very soon.
  2. Nikki advises why slash wasnt in the video for his solo https://metalheadzone.com/motley-crue-bassist-nikki-sixx-responses-to-a-question-about-slash/
  3. Its official. Slash has left Guns n roses to join Ashba fulltime in SIXx AM lol
  4. Problem with a posthumous record is how many Axl full vocal unreleased songs are there anyway. For years and years the bands have always had shitloads of instrumentals they have recorded but Axl rarely recorded and put on any vocals for them.
  5. Axl was a fan. But yeah if Kurt was alive today I reckon they would be friends or at least respect each other. Dave Grohl and gnr are fine now.
  6. I dont think using songs left off gnrs least popular album would be a bright idea. Not commercially anyway. I would prefer new tunes created off axl/slash/duff chemistry.
  7. The first few stone sour records were great. Worth having a relisten.
  8. I found it weird to have Sympathy for the Devil still on there myself after how upset slash was over it.
  9. That first track is terrible. It sounds like a limp bizkit rip off. The worst kind of new metal. Second track is better but still not great. I thought coreys solo would of been much better. These first two singles are disappointing
  10. Steel wheels 89 tour cant wait
  11. Showed him for like 10 seconds in the studio. No performance just talking how important the record was for him.
  12. Slash online right now https://www.facebook.com/acdc/videos/287122562553655/
  13. Live Stream concert/party has begun https://www.facebook.com/acdc/videos/287122562553655/
  14. Wonder what Slash will bring to this special
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