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  1. Of course slash. Theres actually video on youtube of them doing celebrity skin live . Hadnt seen this before.
  2. Pretty gross. Wonder if axl got jealous lol https://www.instagram.com/p/CKFqNUNFxq-/?igshid=1spk7mumucngd
  3. Is this the son Axl hoped to raise with her or another one.
  4. Supposedly a whole album with corey taylor was recorded. I love scott but I for one would be interested in hearing what corey did.
  5. Hmm chatter of a new gnr album.... https://www.sctimes.com/story/life/2021/01/16/local-cd-pick-upcoming-releases-2021/6648177002/ Local CD pick: Upcoming releases of 2021 Tim Ryan Special to the Times While 2020 left us all with a bit of a sour taste in our mouths, overall it was a decent year for music. As hopes turn to 2021, we're already seeing the possibilities of the new year. We now have official release dates from artists who have dropped singles well in advance of their new albums, including Foo Fighters, The Pretty Reckless, Chevelle and G
  6. Only thing is tupac was a motivated worker in the studio and would do vocals for 4 songs a day at his peak. The producers couldnt catch up. Axl on the other hand has how many vocals done over the past 30 years? Those general leaks even showed he only had a handful of unreleased vocals done in 2000
  7. Pittman called it what it is back in 2015/16 before he got booted from the band. Nothing more than a nostalgia act. The way things have turned out he was 100 percent right.
  8. Axl and his social media team are all users of these. Abit hypocritical to me.
  9. Theres alot of artist and bands out there doing the same and releasing stuff so fans can enjoy it. Pandemic or not gnr would still be in the same boat.
  10. Weird i see your screenshot. I can see franks still following them but only melissa reese is following frank. Maybe ill try via website instead of the app
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