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  1. TB are only doing what their boss Axl wants them to do. He could fire them whenever he wanted to.
  2. Both TB and My World are around because of the same red head lunatic. So you can blame Axl squarely.
  3. I live in Australia and the ticket sales are incredibly poor for gnr. I would not be surprised if its cancelled due to sales and continued covid state lockdowns.
  4. If anything this bullshit "mystery" makes me hate Axl more and more as time goes on. The way he has self sabotaged this band for the last 30 years is truly a shame and waste of potential.
  5. Rhcp album is done Rhcp albums done and far from top secret with chad smith and flea openly talking about it
  6. I was going to say maybe his selling another guitar.
  7. You need harder drugs for that
  8. No album but here's a official licenced bong https://wmgk.com/2021/07/15/guns-n-roses-bong/ These guys are worse than KISS
  9. Love maiden but Bruce hasnt been the same after that throat cancer he had.
  10. Yep and failed again after the big threeunion in 2016. Year on year decline again. Will be playing in empty theatres and arenas soon if nothing changes.
  11. Rogan will be a much more fun interview and free flowing.
  12. This is what people have been saying throughout time yet life goes on.
  13. New song with Frank on drums. He always sounds so flat. Really hope his replaced in gnr.
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