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  1. Not a CD fan here either. I did find the leaked songs much better than the over produced sliced up released album version of CD. .y bought copy of cd only gets pulled out every now and then on a rare occasion.
  2. Your right theres no proof at all. Always excuses. Same people say his sick all the time to cover poor performances. Reckon his been sick since 2017 at this stage. Thats a mighty flu to have.
  3. Not a big black keys fan but if these guys can record a full album in 10 hours whats axls excuse taking 15 years a album and only having 3 lps in a career since 1987. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/black-keys-delta-kreme-album/
  4. Look at all the artist that suffer from mental health and still release music. When it comes to creativity and making music his lazy full stop. Happy to make a few bucks and jump on stage overweight, ill prepared and on autopilot through songs at a concert though.
  5. No his peace of mind wants you to see him come not prepared, out of practice, over weight and singing mickey. His happy for you to see him this way.
  6. Agreed. Even when bowie knew he was dying he organised his back catalogue for future releases after he had passed. He continued to record blackstar until the end. Thats dedication to your fans. From what I read freddie mercury did the same thing and recorded as much vocals as he could before his time was up. I dont know why Axl wouldnt let someone write for him if he cant other than selfish greed regarding royalities. Even then some artists will change a few words here and there so they can still get royalties on a song. Most their hit songs were written by Izzy anyway
  7. 100 percent right but you know even a old sober david bowie still continued to release music and reinvent himself. Something for whatever reason Axl cant do. Even if Axl cant write a song anymore then bring in a team to do it. Just go in and lay down some vocals. Plenty of rockers do it this way. Its not that hard. Oh but that will get in the way of eating candy and playing with his cats. Axls busy schedule over the last 30 years.
  8. Gnr they could have a thousand instrumentals but how many vocals has Axl done. Probably shit all. SMKC they all mostly work together and slash can be more specific. He knows how many complete songs they have written and have demos for.
  9. True. I reckon he should of just shaved it all off like bruce willis or the rock did. It may even suit him. Would give him a edgy look.
  10. Hopefully he didnt get them where Axl got his. They are shocking.
  11. Thats stupid. They wouldn't keep a ex guitarist from 20 years agos solo and guitar work when they now have slash. If anything it would be re recorded by slash with his own solo and changes to suit his style.
  12. Correct. Thing to remember is gnr had been jammin for 17 years between illusions and CD and now there back to jammin again.
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