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  1. Ugh. I wish there was a way to track price changes, kinda like you can with Amazon lol
  2. Looking at the Indy show tonight, they still want $250 for pit tickets. No thanks
  3. Im thinking about going to the Columbus Ohio show later this month, but I have no interest in paying what they're asking. Has anyone had success getting cheap tickets last minute on this tour?
  4. Correct. Those were the shows I way referring to.
  5. They played it twice at the HOB Vegas 01/02, where people said it was noticably different. No recording has surfaced
  6. To be fair they released a version of that in the 90s
  7. 1996: Slash left the band because he didn't like the direction Axl was taking the sound 2021: Silkworms Is the first official new release from Axl/Slash................ WTF
  8. Absurd, right?? Ugh I hate myself for that
  9. I absolutely love that they're playing a reworked version of silkworms. The fact that slash is wearing a parody KFC shirt makes it even better!
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