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  1. I always wondered why Jimmy Page had a get out for jail free card.....that guy was a true piece of shit
  2. I'd love to hear Slash do Streets of Dreams.....I actually think Robin did a decent job on that one …..when you think of the time frame these guys had to work on CD compared to Slash and co bashing out the UYI.....its almost laughable. I never gave two shits about TIL until I heard it live and Slash just lay it down....hes does have some off nights but he is playing off the cuff …..something probably only Bumble/Bucket and Fortus had the ability to do solidly
  3. If you think this slop is intentional Bonus "pop shot" face from Fortus too
  4. The difference is Slash is (and CAN) improvising to what he feels on the night ...he is hit and miss sometimes but he completely smokes Finck.
  5. Yeah I really wonder about some of the people that praise him...I've been playing guitar for 20 years and he is a terrible player for GNR. For hack n slash overblown image NIN stuff he fits but songs like head like a hole doesn't require much skills.
  6. Does Matt have a patreon or anything like that? If the book does get shelved I would like to throw some $$ his way. I understand this is the metoo era but that book is what it was like then lol
  7. This one here? I always wondered if he gave as well as received (like he did from Manson) which might explain how he got the job "playing" guitar
  8. Funny how Matt mentions how dumb Slash and Duff are, also how they don't shower etc. I read somewhere Slash got busted not flushing or wiping back in the day at a recording studio?!!? ROFL I remember in the early days he broke a neck on a guitar just cutting the strings off all at the same time when changing them and a tech had to show him how to do it properly. In the year in the life Metallica videos he admits he doesn't even know how to turn on his amps. Crazy times
  9. I thought Adler said Slashs dick was like an anaconda and only Steven Tylers was bigger and he got both hands around it
  10. I'm glad he called out Fernando....that guy won the lottery
  11. Yeah didn't Denise Richards say she found a lot of dude videos Charlie had apparently? Something must happen to these people when they can get whatever they want.
  12. lol you haven't read Arnolds smoking gun interview obviously then! http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/celebrity/schwarzeneggers-sex-talk Or check out "Arnold in Brazil" on YT to see how shy he is!
  13. I've seen crazy chicks in my band days do this sort of shit ...coupled with the fact the amount of drugs they would have had going around. It might not be that she is so much attracted to those guys but to stir up shit You've also got the fact Axl treated her like a princess from what info is out there and was always up and down with mood swings. Then you got Matt who is just a confident upbeat party animal ….he was the only guy to stand up to Axl in that band too don't forget.
  14. I wonder if the anger towards Slash and Duff is just due to how things panned out with NITL? Totally can understand how he was hurt by this.
  15. I remember Axl saying once Matt came up to him once when he was feeling down before a show telling him it was alright and everything was gonna be ok So far I'm thinking this might be one of the most honest books about GNR!
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