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  1. Remember the 1st ever AUD GN'R video was 1/18/1986 Roxy by Marc Canter.
  2. THIS is the live song version making them legend!!! Totally A+++ !!!!
  3. And what would we get with shorter shows? Shorter shows with Mickey!! Not really a win situation for us.
  4. Using the official RS store, the 6 disc set costs 49,99 € + about 5 € shipping within Germany. The Code from troccoli didint work though.
  5. There might be coming something like this very soon - not officially though. *cough, cough*
  6. instead of 1000s of fan emails, we should create some well thought wanted list together and let an admin from here send over our "9 steps master plan to please fans" or however we could call it. new music sure! but if people request to get Ritz88, Paris92 etc. officially.......that should NEVER be a goal by us. We have them in really good quality already. main focus should be unheard/unseen songs or song versions and footage we dont even have fan recordings, demos etc. from.
  7. No, Matt said he wasnt asked for NITL tour.
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