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  1. MTV News report on it. Skip ahead to get to Izzy news. Although the rest is good to revisit.
  2. Well I’m sorry for your situation but I just wouldn’t hold breath for a vaccine. They’ve been working for decades on other vaccines and no go. Good luck.
  3. LOL. Zero cure for common cold, cancer, aids, influenza....I wouldn’t hold breath for a vaccine anytime soon for this. And I wouldn’t take it either. Yep. I got my money back and as soon as we are back to normal and shows are a for sure then I will re-buy tickets.
  4. Got my refund. Took almost exactly 30 days. Here's more information about any merchant credits you received TM *GUNS N ROSES
  5. That song was the 'sound of a band breaking up'. “If you’ve ever wondered what the sound of a band breaking up sounds like,” Slash wrote, “listen to Guns N’ Roses’ cover of ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’ If there is one Guns track I’d like to never hear again, it’s that one.” https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/flashback-guns-n-roses-cover-sympathy-for-the-devil-99403/
  6. I think the tour is technically/officially "postponed". At the end of the day they (DUH) just want to keep/hold our money...at minimum they will make a lot in interest alone. Glad they finally offering refunds up, only took all summer.
  7. This was sent out last night followed by another email as well. - Hi William, Thanks for reaching out to us about your event. I apologize for the misinformation. Your event organizer is offering refunds at this time and you should see this option (a refund link) under the order in your Ticketmaster Account. If you don’t see a refund link, please Chat with us, and we will assist you with your refund. Please note, due to the unprecedented volume of event changes, you should expect to receive your refund in as soon as 30 days. More Questions? Chat with us. Just tap the Live Chat
  8. BAM- We've Received Your Refund Request Hi William, We're currently reviewing your request. If your purchase is eligible, we will provide a refund, including taxes and fees, to the method of payment used at the time of purchase. Due to the high volume of rescheduled events, we will process your refund in as soon as 30 days. No further action is required on your end. Thank you for your patience and un
  9. Fuckers keep moving goal posts. Now daddy is pissed. - Hi William, Thanks for reaching out to us about your event. We're sorry your event was postponed. Your tickets will still be good – see you there! The event organizer is still trying to reschedule your event; if they do, your tickets will remain good for the rescheduled date. Please note that your event organizer is not allowing refunds at this time. Given the unprecedented circumstances, event organizers are constantly assessing the situation and making determinations regarding refunds. If your event is not cur
  10. Yes TM sucks but it’s all in Axl/TB’s hands. They are the ones that hold the keys. A simple “cancelled” announcement is all it takes. We all get refunds and then they are free to announce a new tour at a later date.
  11. Wish Axl would do what Jovi did - tell it like it is. Basically JBJ said “it sucks....2020 not gonna happen....I’m gonna refund because you need the money” blah blah...... But I suppose mommy and Junior (TB) have half the ticket money spent already so they need that money. *I got my Jovi refund a month ago
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