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  1. Yeah, I dunno about the article. Axl definitely did help them out in a bit of a tight spot though and helped rehab his own image a bit. I think ACDC was always going to release a new album tho, whether with Axl or with Brian Johnson recovering. Not that it was a great hope, but I thought if Axl went on to do an album with ACDC then it might help the chances of a GNR album just by virtue of Axl getting more positive press and whatnot.
  2. Another aspect of this is that GNR would've been one of the main forces in rock music by default had they remained viable from 2000-2002ish on. I can't think of who would've replaced them anyway, as most of the garage rock bands and others from that time period mostly petered off for one reason or another. GNR/Axl were definitely in a unique position there, given the status the band had already achieved and also having the chance to take the torch and carry things forward.
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