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  1. Usually for a festival, soundcheck is done by the crew during the load in. They probably soundchecked early this morning/yesterday. The crew will usually make sure everything is connected and set up during the change over. So instead of a traditional soundcheck, youll get the classic “ONE, TWO, CHECK CHECK CHECK” in the mics and a couple of notes played through each instrument to make sure they’re all coming through to the soundboard
  2. I get in the venue, finally. I turn to my right, and I see the merch table. I’ve gotten posters from every show i’ve seen so far, so I figure why the fuck not. As im in line, i see the posters go, but the one on the rack stays. Its finally my turn. I ask her for the one on the rack, and she says no, then asks her supervisor who says yes. i literally got the last poster on the west side of the stadium. Fuck me, life likes to be crazy sometimes!
  3. stubhub hooked me up!!!!! After being on the phone with them for almost 3 hours, they moved me from the back of the lower bowl on Duffs side, to the middle lower bowl on Slashs side for no extra cost!!!
  4. I’ve already bought a fairly priced lower bowl ticket from Stubhub… on monday… They told me it would be delivered to my phone by at LEAST the end of the day yesterday. I spent all pf yesterday fleeing hurricane-torn Louisiana to get to Dallas. It is now 12:15 day of show and i have nothing to show for it, except $104 out of my bank account
  5. Been on hold with Stubhub for an hour. Still no ticket in sight. Whhhhhyyy is life like this!
  6. Anyone have experience with Stubhub post concerts reopening? i bought a ticket for the show on monday. It said it would arrive by the end of the day on the 31st, which was yesterday. it’s 8:30am on the day of the show, and i have nothing except my confirmation email that says i payed for a ticket.
  7. Well after seeing the band at Voodoo Fest in 2019, i thought I had my fill of the NITL tour… i wouldn’t have bought a ticket for this show if i wasn’t leaving New Orleans tomorrow and all the destruction Hurricane Ida has left in it’s path. Thankfully i have family to retreat to in Dallas, Rockwall actually, and figured I’d buy a last minute ticket to this show and go enjoy myself for the first time in what feels like a long while. i’m in the lower bowl in section 115. I’ll see you fuckers there!
  8. Same setlist as the other night to a T
  9. To put the ticket issue in persepctive, my local Fillmore in New Orleans has Rise Against, Descendants, and Menzingers coming on Tuesday. When Tickets first went on sale in May, they were $65 for one night of music. I couldn’t justify it then, and waited all summer to see if they would come down. 3 weeks ago, Ticketmaster offered a 4 pack of tickets to this show for $33 a ticket, but the kicker is you have to buy 4. I couldn’t find 3 other people willing to drop $30 right then and there. this week i get an email for buy one ticket to this show, and get another free. So i bought 1 ticket for $65 and split that price with a friend. We’re both going for $32.50 a person. It’s all tactics by the promotor. And if you’re in the right place at the right time, you’ll get the right ticket.
  10. As well as the shortest setlist from 2016-now
  11. i for one am hoping we hear Devious Bastard with lyrics tonight
  12. soundcheck has started... no idea whats being played though
  13. Anyone thinking about the current Covid climate and how some, if not the rest of this tour might get cancelled? Jazzfest in NOLA was just cancelled after adding the Rolling Stones to their lineup, and every venue down here requires proof of Vax for entry and a mask even if you're already vaxed up. It would appear we are headed back into it.. Maybe thats why the boys decided to whip out the new track so early in the tour?
  14. have a friend that just moved to Ann Arbor less than a month ago going to this show solo tonight. he's seen the band 3 times since 2016 and was debating going tonight. He literally took off today yesterday and bought a ticket as soon as he heard Absurd. I told him he had to go see the circus just one more time! If the pit tickets drop to $60 for the Dallas show, I really might think about attempting it....
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