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  1. I know the NITL selects have been a hot topic since their inception.. seems like we go longer and longer between video releases. So, I'm here to pose this question: As a fan, and one who wants to see this band succeed and still keep their name relevant after all these years, would you guys take a "Live" Album of all the songs that have been released? Yes, I understand Houston is an extreamly popular show and everyone seems to love it, especially after this passed weekends video, but I think Variety is better and more fun. It would keep in line with the "Live Era" compilations. We cou
  2. Jesus H. christ. Ivan Moody has given us a preview of the song:
  3. Im thinking an EP. they didn’t announce anything with this poster. It was literally this. im not so sure the marketing team over at Better Noise know what exactly they are doing EDIT: or it is a “We Are The World-esque” single with everyone on the Better Noise artist lineup and a few friends
  4. I honestly don’t even see PJ performing. This shit is going to get worse before it gets better... or its just going to disappear in november
  5. I agree with a lot of what you're saying. I think Nikki uses this band as a way to just let the continuous ideas flow, and some (most) of them might not be that great. It does have a pretty memorable chorus for rock radio, very Shinedown-esque, but again its nothing we haven't heard before. The video is.... well yeah you said it yourself Not like Vince can sing this kinda stuff anymore... Would love to have heard a Motley take on this, or at least a Mars/Lee/Sixx take on this.. but who knows what they are even doing anymore. They are retiring, they aren't retiring... Its hard to keep up w
  6. They were on Hiatus after 2016. They actually dropped a new track in January: Then Corona happened... so im sure that fucked up their plans, or they went back to the drawing board. I'm assuming Ashba is still on board given the name is an amalgamation of all of their names. Most of the artists that look to be featured are on the same label: Better Noise. I know for a fact AWOLNATION is, but so is Five Finger Death Punch and Bad Wolves.
  7. ***Feel free to move this to the proper discussion, I just find it fucking hilarious the guy who replaced the other guy is now making music with that same guy and hasn't made music with the band BOTH of them were in
  8. Biggest slap in the face is that classic HD footage in the teaser video. you cant fucking ignore it. god dammit, looks like im buying this crap.
  9. I doubt they want Matt anymore. I doubt they wanted Matt ever.
  10. Meanwhile back to normal in GNR land after a 2 and a half week break:
  11. I think we are on 2 different wave lengths and im just going to bow out because I don't think you even saw my original point. We are on completely different sections of the Carousel of Progress. Totally see why you took a break from the discussion page Russ. Everything on here makes me sad nowadays. The fact of the matter is this band has gone to shit and I think we can all agree on that...
  12. Okay, but you can’t discredit all the anticipation that was built up before 2016. Idk how so many people agree with that, its kinda sad honestly and shows the mentality of how ungrateful this community truly is
  13. I see your point of view, but from someone elses point of view thats a perfectly valid reason to attempt to cancel someone
  14. I mean that could be the case, either way its laughable and leave me and my tin foil hat alone, its warm under here
  15. Oh come on. You’re going to act like having Duff and Slash back in the band isn’t progress? Not sure what you don’t understand.
  16. Its not a Theory, its a choice. And its the one GNR are making. Metallicas management has chosen to ‘press on’ and continue giving out content. Why? Because content is distracting. GNR and the management don’t understand or care about that. GNR have chosen to go completely silent. metallica also don’t have a song with a racial slur in it. keep telling me im reading too much into it, thats fine. But I have yet to feel any differently. You also took everything I said and disregarded the rest of it completely only to focus on your point about the social media you’ve been trying to hold
  17. I've been holding off on saying anything about this because I am just so disappointed at this point. At this rate, I see it like this: It's extremely telling to me that the band hasn't said ANYTHING on social media in almost 2 weeks. When is the last time thats happened? So many people want to come on here and tell me "oh GNR just doesn't update their social media and its nothing to look into, this is just the norm.." Bullshit. GNR have 3 primary social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. One of those accounts is bound to get updated at least once a week, even if i
  18. what if they took that time to start a "vault" series like Pearl Jam does? Release ONE ahow from that era, then release a new show every year as a "Vault" or "Select"
  19. to me, he comes off as the guy who didn't have faith in Axl or the OG band. Its probably hard to swallow being the one band that you weren't cut out for was the best selling band of that genre and generation. I mean hell, Tracii has spent 30+ years trying to prove he is better than Slash
  20. So I guess this really does beg the question then: is the band really considering releasing any new material at all? Because this would totally cut into a new album by them.
  21. Screw everything I said give me this on a loop for 10 cd’s:
  22. Okay, I just took a quick post workout shower and my thoughts started flowing: one thing that I think should be handled differently with this box set is the live material. Obviously it looks like the band is trying to gauge interest in live material, something that should have been done for the AFD release, but is totally awesome its being done now. the 3 tracks that came on the AFD release besides the ‘Live Like a Suicide’ ep (which wasn’t live btw) were from the Marquee club, and I believe all 3 had been previously used on British versions of singles in 1988 if im right? Maybe not
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