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  1. But the first year that this iteration of guns reunited--(2016,) should have given him and everyone enough money to retire (x 10) for ten lifetimes Why does he feel the need to milk every last penny out of the memory of this band? Axl was a recluse for a decade (refusing every single offer of a tour full stop) He was a rich man. No matter what What is his motive now? What is the purpose of The relentless touring now ? Axl was not a person who craves money or the limelight, so why?
  2. This iteration of GNR and the previous iteration toured non stop, doing multiple European and North America tours on the same tour sometimes. They even when ahead with a concert in Mexico when every other band had ceased touring due to covid It's almost as if the mafia or Satan has some kind of hold over him and making him tour non stop to repay unpaid debts
  3. I think your assessment of Gnr is spot on Making cash is their number one reason d'etre. The fans are pretty much taken for granted A competition for the fans, US fans only, to win a voucher so you can spend it all in the "Gnr store " says it all about this band https://twitter.com/gunsnroses/status/1256404988407971840?s=20 https://twitter.com/gunsnroses/status/1256404988407971840?s=20
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