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  1. I listened to Toxicity yesterday after at least 5 years and damn, not a single bad note on that album
  2. Yeah, it's a joke song they wrote all the way back when they were starting in the early 90s and then it was released as a hidden track in 2000 for Salival
  3. To be fair the only problem with this is the fact that they have a shitton of live footage they aren't releasing. The pinballs look amazing and from gameplay videos it seems like a great game and it's obvious Slash really wanted this to be made
  4. This is the best Comfortably Numb solo of all time. I think the bootleg sounds a bit better but I can't find it on youtube. There's a small really crazy part at 8:14
  5. They have to act like everything is going to happen until countries ban mass gatherings, otherwise, insurance companies are going to go ham on them. Promoting a show is a bit stupid tho but they can't say "yeah, those won't happen. We're just waiting"
  6. He was like 90 minutes late when I saw him in 2012 and that was a festival (Exit in Serbia). That's recent enough to fuel the "Axl is late" thing
  7. It really is the only example when having a dictatorship helps...
  8. If you disagreed with it you probably wouldn't be alone, there would be protests, riots and stuff. That wouldn't go smoothly as this
  9. Nicklord

    RATM are back

    I got Vienna seating, pretty good seats. I'd actually say the best seats but I wanted standing but that went all in the first 0.4 seconds. It was carnage
  10. Just to share my absolute favorite pic of Flea:
  11. He was seen with AK quite a few times over the years. Flea is still really good friends with their sisters. Had a podcast recently with Rain and Summer even. I don't think he thinks anything about that, their whole world was full of artsy junkies back then. I just read Flea's Momoir and the amount of time he had sentences with: "...he was a junkie, god bless his soul..." is astonishingly high
  12. Josh played a solo of Alive with Pearl Jam when they had shows at the same time in South America Also Eddie joined RHCP on the stage a few times when they did some benefits recently
  13. RHCP is playing shitton non singles at every show. They aren't on Pearl Jam and Burce's level just because they're playing for 1h45m (cause Anthony I guess) They played around 70 songs at least twice during the last world tour and many more only once, also Josh's covers were different at each show
  14. He was literally the face of NBA for like 10 years. All time he's like around top 10-15 but the mark he left was easily top 3. Literally the biggest star after Jordan It's so strange
  15. In RHCP only Flea and Anthony are real brothers. John and Flea used too but we'll see how it'll go now
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