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  1. Woah...this is great! I can imagine “Welcome to the Jungle The story of little Red Rose” will be a nail biter! and “Paradise City Coming of Age” will be a soft spoken classic! The creativity of this band has no end. Is there a preorder link? If I collect the whole series will I get a GNR rub on tattoo? Any details would be appreciated. DM me if we are not allowed to talk about leaks
  2. Sadly Axl’s voice fell off following the ACDC run in America. By early 2017 his voice had changed, we’ve heard variants of Axl’s voice that we haven’t heard before since. ACDC might have trashed his vocals. I haven’t heard anything redeeming besides “I feel good”. I think 2016 was all he had left but I’d be happy to be proven wrong,
  3. Axl sounded good. Y’all are dumb haha that was much better than I thoughy it would be and I notoriously hate on Axl when he sings bad. He tried hard not to sound weak here. I applaud
  4. This show is like the Broadway play Rent, but they switch it up and give people a new show by giving one less person AIDS.
  5. People not trying to critique the performance tend to be their biggest fans. GNR is easy to watch and say “whoa I haven’t seen a performance like that before”
  6. Axl doesn’t need a breather, he needs a vocal coach and a trainer and a new family
  7. these guys are more appreciative of GNR’s greatness
  8. The issue is they really aren’t promoting anything that people are buying. When Slash releases something he has to go around doing interviews about GNR and his dark past. Axl doesn’t do anything because he knows he hasn’t released anything relevant so instead of talking about himself he just sits at home.
  9. I mean does Axl have anything better to do on a Tuesday afternoon in LA than to go have a conversation with another human being that millions of people can listen to later. ideally he’d be promoting something but with the stories and career of Axl it would be a great conversation. Slash interviews just don’t have much substance anymore
  10. How do we get Axl on Joe Rogans podcast? At this point Axl can do a tell all interview.
  11. That will hold me over for a while. I’ll come back in 2030 and see if he’s got anything else hiding in the vault.
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