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  1. I think Slash said Duff was already drunk and passed out so they made him drink two shots to their one each round
  2. I thought Izzy was one of the first to recommend Axl use more rasp and distortion in his vocals after they were messing around on a song. I think i read that a long time ago and always assumed that’s why Axl got away from his early clean vocals
  3. He sounds good on 15% of the show now versus 2016 he sounded good about 75-80% haha my favorite is to go watch the Washington DC 2016 show. He just looked and sounded like the old Axl. Great show, cool attire, easy to watch the whole thing without getting bored. Axl struggled anytime Angus’s came back to join GNR on stage after acdc. But Axl could have had vocal work done recently as well and has to rebuild his voice back up. That would be unlikely considering he’s almost 60 and covid was going on. He doesn’t sound very capable of holding simple notes on songs, like his voice won’t lock on to anything, he’s just all over the place. I’m hopeful we see improvement though!
  4. Haven’t read the whole thread yet but i hope Axl recorded everything in 2006. His studio vocals would have been flawless around this time
  5. Probably having a vocal coach there to tell him when he sucks and how to fix it.
  6. Reverb would be like using auto tune, Axl use to have a voice that would have such a powerful fullness in it that it sounds like he’s singing in a chamber. I wouldn’t be opposed to him using reverb on his voice during the shows on the lines outside of the chorus. It would sound much better IMO. Currently he sounds a little weak and so the lines don’t hit as hard as they should. The chorus I would think he needs to go into his Back in Black Brian Johnson voice for that. Its too high for how it was recorded but I think Axl struggles more when he’s trying to hit a “mid voice” seems his low voice is obviously intact and I believe if he wanted it to be he could hit some full power notes still. but I like the songs you selected to grab vocals from. I agree I think he’ll get better on this song. They have such a long tour planned that I think we could see a big reversal in his vocals later in the tour. You can’t afford to blow out your lead singers voice this early into a 2 year tour.
  7. He needs to sing like an octave higher. It sounds like he’s singing a song he doesn’t know the lyrics to, and is just making out the sounds with no power. Using more power would give the reverb from his voice to make it sound good. glad it got played though
  8. I hope they win something so they can say “this is Guns N Roses first Grammy” haha
  9. Billie Eilish will probably win best rock song haha
  10. Basically I think they both worked. Slash would have wrote Paradise and Sweet Child before Axl pinned lyrics to em, but obviously songs like Edtranged, November Rain were already made before Slash got to em
  11. Axl said they did AFD more his way then UYI got complicated because he started getting handed these guitar songs and told he had to put lyrics to them. I don’t think all of AFD was written like Axl said though, Izzy could do a riff and write lyrics, but seems like Axl and Slash relied on eachother more to do 50/50
  12. Axl also said he prefers writing lyrics and melody first then having Slash work the instrumental arrangement out, and Slash likes writing “guitar first” songs abut it’s harder for Axl to write lyrics that way and led to writers block once haha so idk if the man knows what he wants
  13. I think Axl should bring Izzy on to do Going Down on a recording together. It would be a good moment on an album and I still like that song
  14. I would like Dont Cry from Houston 2016 and Youre Crazy from Brooklyn Bowl 2013 haha
  15. I’d contest there has been no rock album as good as AFD since haha but hey if this song gets Axl into the mood to release more then it did it’s job. Absolute travesty that that man hasn’t given more to music based on his level of songwriting talent.
  16. I’m seeing it in the top 10 of best new music and trending on Apple Music
  17. I avoided the leaks for the most part and so this was first time I’ve heard the song complete. I actually like it. Idk how Slash did it but during the solo I hear a little AFD and a ton of illusion mixed into it. Almost hear a little Double talking jive as it slows down. It was like a trip down memory lane of Slash’s GNR career. Axl’s vocals are solid, good chorus, not as ambitious lyrically as I like but this was nice to listen to. They all brought back some classic GNR moments into this Nugnr song
  18. Was he saying Axl was getting help on ACDC material with manipulated distortion? Haha Axl I’m pretty sure sang every song with no artificial help.
  19. Probably had a bigger show planned and felt guilty about it. Nice to communicate his health post show. I know he probably thinks nobody cares, but there’s plenty of fans that want to see GNR in good health, good spirits, and putting on the best show they can. Look forward to any surprises going forward
  20. The year is 2030 and Hard Skool is still coming 2035 the “Not in my Classroom” tour begins
  21. Better should definitely be removed, the intro sucks now, the vocals are weak, song is weak, there are better songs to pull out that would be truly better than better
  22. Definitely will! Appreciate the recommendation. to bring it back on topic late 97 Shawn Michaels reminds me of Axl haha best quote “I will give you a show that you have never seen before… Why? Because I can.” – Shawn Michaels
  23. Classic! I rewatched from mid 97-2002 recently haha greatest TVs series ever
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