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  1. i make all my friends in real life now. lame, i know.

  2. i'm a happy cracker. did you see your dopplehganger in the photo thread? someone out there is stealing your look.

  3. yeah, who the fuck gives a shit? stop getting me excited over a comment only to see your worthless pile of dribble.

  4. i've figured someone's still clinging a photo or two, bring it on.

  5. oh i remember you. and i'll post how often i feel like posting, don't tell me what to do.

  6. it's been awhile, good to see you're still as feisty as ever.

  7. i have to shave a lot more often which blows, but the rest is awesome. i'm pretty smitten.

  8. never thought i'd be here again. i can't believe i went so long but i'm damn proud to say i never cheated on gnfnr. unlike SOME people. but seriously i didn't even realize subs and hv were in charge til like a week ago.

  9. christ on a bike!!

  10. at gnfnr. cool place, i'm gonna miss it. i wasn't ok with subs gettin the shaft so i left these parts. now i've also gone and gotten a "real life" and a "boyfriend."

  11. that's nice of you. i'm back now that subsy's in charge. i didn't like it when they did'im dirty.

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