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  1. I literally lost £40 (well, minus value of the stocks - I don't lose anything unless I close) since the events which I'm not allowed to discuss now. It was turning into a decent day also, steady growth. Thankfully I have a Chinese ETF and gold which kept me afloat a bit. Gave me a chance to chuck another £50 on Nio during the dip also. Nio is Chinese but floats on the Nasdaq, and is politically affected by Biden etc etc. (Almost tempted to just ditch yankee stock altogether!) Strangely Tesla barely dropped. Telsa is a superhuman stock.
  2. @Dazey Smelly zz top wankers have just crashed the market!
  3. An oft forgotten point here is that there are 218 countries in the world with corona, Trump's being merely one (of them).
  4. With traditional stocks you don't actually lose any money until you close. If you have invested in ''good'' companies, there is never any risk if they go down provided you hold - even after 2007-08 the S&P eventually rebounded. I say good companies. You need to select well. Stay clear of Canadian cannabis companies!! In general stay clear of things you don't know much about. The Buffet school of thought is best: companies you use, know and like. (Saying that I have strayed from this myself: what interest do I have in Chinese gay looking cars?). Example. I invested in Nintendo because my nephew is Mario obsessed - and of course I used to play Nintendo. I know Nintendo is probably not going to go bankrupt.
  5. Short selling the FTSE only to watch the superior British economy trounce the crumbling Eurozone?
  6. Although I don't bother with futures I have bookmarked it - might explore at a later date. That is how Nick Leeson broke Barings, futures: futures on the Singapore and Japanese markets. It unravelled when, betting on an immobile Nikkei, the Kobe earthquake occurred sending the markets tumbling.
  7. Some of the brokerages boot you off for scalping too much.
  8. You need to zero in more. Here (Yank time),
  9. It is a really fascinating story that nobody is discussing much outside China that the owner of Alibaba (basically China's Amazon), Jack Ma, has done a Lord Lucan! Nobody knows where the bugger is?
  10. Which S&P is this? It dropped from 3,726.00 to 3,707.00 when it opened. All my (heavily) correlated stocks took a nosedive dive. PS Ahh, the NASDAQ utterly collapsed when it opened before rallying dramatically much like the S&P, and as I'm probably a bit too exposed in tech/e-commerce, it seemed more pronounced for me, the reds. Need to invest in boring shite like sewage removal and insurance haha.
  11. If somebody shits on my plate I usually blame the person who shat on my plate, and not the person who made a poor job cleaning that plate. China created corona, not Trump.
  12. Bugger me. Tesla at 766! PS Simply glorious. Dodgy start for the S&P also, and it isn't even Nio Day yet!
  13. I am quite certain Trump's name will be used for a multitude of disasters befalling the world over the next fifty years - not just corona. Insert Trump's name into various historic misadventures also: Trump, the gunman on the grassy knoll; Trump killed-off the dinosaurs; Trump brought down the Roman Empire. You have to remember, these people have basically been blaming Trump for a disease that commenced in China in a suspicious and covert manner, and have completely avoided China whilst obsessing over Trump. Totally deluded.
  14. Some people on here get a massive hard-on over US casualty inflation - I'm sure.
  15. Israel is the vaccination motherfucking machine, https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9115127/How-Israel-leaped-ahead-vaccine-race.html
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