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  1. I get the notification at the top whenever somebody quotes, as you just did there.
  2. Why are people still quoting me when I have departed from this thread?
  3. I literally lost £40 (well, minus value of the stocks - I don't lose anything unless I close) since the events which I'm not allowed to discuss now. It was turning into a decent day also, steady growth. Thankfully I have a Chinese ETF and gold which kept me afloat a bit. Gave me a chance to chuck another £50 on Nio during the dip also. Nio is Chinese but floats on the Nasdaq, and is politically affected by Biden etc etc. (Almost tempted to just ditch yankee stock altogether!) Strangely Tesla barely dropped. Telsa is a superhuman stock.
  4. What an utter pompous and humourless arse you are. Bye then. I will leave you to your politics and follow the developments solely on twitter.
  5. I am aware of what I am doing. Watching it unfold on twitter and laughing at it, as are many elsewhere on twitter. It surely would take a heart of stone to not find the barbarian guy amusing? Tell me when you discover humour.
  6. You know nothing about me to make that statement you humourless tosser.
  7. I am just watching it unfold as you are? I do not follow. I have supported neither side here.
  8. Not quite Scottish of you there I believe?
  9. @Dazey Smelly zz top wankers have just crashed the market!
  10. This is hilarious HAHA, Who cares about her emails. I just want to know what she has been watching on Pornhub haha. PS
  11. I find it hilarious myself. Trump's America is gloriously entertaining. Heck of a band they have here,
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