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  1. My bad Edit: But he said 'Nothing out of the ordinary' which means ordinary, or am I wrong?
  2. I agree but I had to ask You mean there might be a tour prior the record release?
  3. I don’t care for today's music industry as long as I get new music of my favorite artists
  4. Everybody is allowed to share his thoughts and his opinion but nobody knows anything. There could be 100 users who post the same suggestion but in the end the result can be totally different.
  5. Because we wanna hear it before somebody leaks it in a few years.
  6. A version of this album existed already when CD was released or shortly after, I'm not that familiar with the Chinese Era timeline. There has to be a reason why Axl didn't release it. He sure didn't wait for the reunion all this time. I hope the new album is coming with/before the start of the next tour leg. And I hope it's not only CD leftovers. I really hope there's music written by this line up. Or by Axl, Slash and Duff at least.
  7. I'm afraid the HS single is the only cd that exists. If there's a full lenght album though, I'll take it with or without both songs. You're right of course. The more they release the better but for now I'd be totally happy if there's an album at all.
  8. Even when he couldn't stand on his feet anymore from the 7th round to the end, he threw some combinations and used the uppercut at times during the infight. Something that I've never seen him doing before ecxept when he finished Ortiz in their first fight. And don't forget, at some point during this fight he broke his right hand. Considering all circumstances he did pretty good I think. But Tyson dominated the second half of the fight and won. What a great fight they delivered! Below the best punches in slow motion
  9. Everyone is complaining (and rightfully so) when there's no release... they are lazy, they aren't a band any more, they're a cash grab. And now, when they decide to release something, than it's because the money Every big band out there is doing it partly for the money. A band should release music and playing live shows... because they want to, because they're able to and of course because gor the money... What do you work for? Just for the experience 😆? After so many years of creative silence we should take something as what it is. New music of our favorite band. Nobody is forced to buy it. You don't like it? Fine, no need to give away your money. But if you wanna have a physical form of this release, than you have to pay for it. It's not a new system. It's like that for hundred of years now...
  10. Silkworms as an opener would mean Silkworms opens a new album. Opens a new album. A new album. NEW. ALBUM! What a let down this will be if it's dead end
  11. It's no secret that CD isn't my favorite album but songs like Better, TWAT and Sorry are blessed with amazing guitar work, no doubt. Fincks Better solo from the studio recording is superior to Slash's live renditions imo. And while his takes on TWAT and Sorry aren't perfect - the studio solos of Buckethead are virtuosic and great - Slash put his own spin on them and made them great by playing them in his style. And I just love the Slash style. It's raw and it's bluesy, and it's rock n' roll. It belongs to GNR.
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