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  1. State of Grace is definitely a demo.....like a few of the other leaks has fabulous potential for a final mix.  It's a bit of a departure for GNR but makes perfect sense considering the line up and where Axls head was at musically at the time. 

    Fact is CD could have been a fucking masterpiece had tracks like scraped, rhiad, shacklers and a few other tracks been swapped out with Atlas. Perhaps, State of Grace and Hard School.  

  2. Imho there's nothing boring about Hard School.  It sounds like it would fit alongside YCBM & Estranged nicely on UYI 2.  In some ways HS sounds like a mix of those two song's vibes.  Guitar work is totally sick, especially the solo and outro and when Axl turns it up, the song evokes more YCBM and OTGM vibes

    I dig this song lots.  A finished mix would likely sound cool as hell.

  3. So I had a nose bleed ticket and desperately wanted a better seat.  So I sold the nosebleed and wound up with 4th row Slashs side 2 off the aisle.   I am so excited.   I didn't even think I was gonna be able to make this tour, and to luck into a seat like this......im beyond stoked.  The only thing better would be to get in the pit......and who knows maybe I can find a way in!!!!

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